Love is a dangerous thing

  • Love is a dangerous thing.
    Wily, flighty, axnious and marred.
    No pill or poison to heal a heart so scarred.
    Leads me to a tune, that all bitter souls sing.
    for love, you see. is a dangerous thing.

    Fruitless efforts, turned to ash on my tongue.
    Returning once again, from where the effort begun.
    With nothing to show, but my sanity, un-done.
    Yet if hope were a vessel, to it tightly id cling.
    For love you see, is a dangerous thing.

    All the promises I made, and lies she did keep.
    All the venom on my tongue, and tears i did weep.
    All the secrets we shared, and the nights we kept warm.
    All the passion replaced with brewing thoughts of my scorn.
    I must be mascochistic, to learn what the next chance may bring.
    I must keep in my mind, love is a dangerous thing.

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