• There is no justified reason to kill animals if we have the option to be healthy eating plant foods. Loving animals is not consistent with supporting the needless killing of them, change my mind!

  • I doubt anyone will argue your point. However I will say I would truly love to be vegetarian at least I understand there is a difference between vegan and vegetarian. But having been raised eating meat I find I’m having trouble giving it up. I’ve watched all the videos about how commercial animals are treated so the best I can do today is STOP supporting that and spend the money to buy humanly and farm raised. I also eat a lot less meat ALOT less! Recipes for a beefy great tasting burger would be helpful. Do you have a suggestion?

  • Banned

    i'm even care about human. what should i be? cannibal?

  • You could be cannibal but if you do only eat the vegans. Animals even man who eat meat taste like crap, that’s why we don’t eat lion. Some countries eat dog or rats which will eat meat but normally in those countries the dogs and rats eat a high vegetarian diet. I like growing a garden so you could say I like plants. Wouldn’t that make me a cannibal if I were vegan?

  • I am a Vegetarian since a child for the love of animals. Easy to do if your heart is in it.

  • Nell,
    There are many plant veggie burgers out there. I actually used one for my boy friend's burgers and he said he couldn't tell the difference