• Yr top 20 animals.

    Here's mine.

    1. Fox.
    2. Dog.
    3. Hedgehog.
    4. Cat.
    5. Donkey.
    6. Psychedelic neon fish from garden center backroom.
    7. Seagull.
    8. Mouse.
    9. Robin.
    10. Crow.
    11. Sheep.
    12. Grizzly bear.
    13. Woolly cow with horns.
    14. Slow worm (this is a UK thing)
    15. Badger.
    16. Heron.
    17. Hare.
    18. Otter.
    19. Seal.
    20. Wasp.


  • Meow, Grrr Wuff Worff, Uh uh uh uh uh uhhh uhh uhhh, shoohoo shoohoo, mooooh, eh eh eh e e e e e e, roaaahr, t t t t t tttt ttt t t tttt t t t, fuck you

    (the last one is a parrot) :joy:

  • @petrapark3r Now I know why Russell Crow was so grumpy in 'Noah'.

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