• I was just wondering what would be considered brave nowadays. Long gone are the days of people fighting to the death on battlefields for a cause. I’m interested to see everyone’s opinions on this

  • @RJB Bravery is not defined by agressiveness .It's the ability to face danger under any circumstances but that does not mean taking reckless risks to prove one's courage that's utter foolishness.According a person who is independent,does not depend on others or does not depend on other people for his happiness and is adaptable to every situation and maintains his resilience and equanimity even in the worst conditions is considered brave.

  • @RJB Acting despite and in the presence of fear.

  • @RJB How cool topic!
    Bravery nowadays.. hm, is feeling like u dont need a bra to be comfortable (not your problem thou). Its believeling into love and respecting it as it is.. Healing, not killing our planet.
    Bravery is being respectful and polite, kind, honest.

  • Be yourself. In a society like the current one where everyone or almost everyone is homologated, copies of someone, having personality, originality, ideas and developing them despite people's judgments or prejudices, I think it is a great act of courage to carry on this new fight. :)

  • @RJB Having ready-to-face attitude, in all aspects of life. With awareness, knowledge, and proper action. It takes guts to stay there, especially when you look to your left and right and nobody's there but you, everyone is behind you