• Hello everyone! I am looking for a DevOps manager. I will be glad to any cooperation and suggestions. Maybe someone has already worked or has experience in this.
    The main part of the DevOps engineer's work falls on the release stage - delivering the product to the customer. The focus is on the performance of all threads in the delivery process. Such a specialist makes sure that known bugs are never passed on to the next stage of work, that local optimization never develops, leading to the creation of global degradation.

  • Hello! I am here! I can

    • Deploying the release delivered by the developers in production;
    • Integration and deepening of development processes into delivery;
    • Standardization of the development environment;
    • Setting up the infrastructure for the features of the software being developed;
    • Preparing a productive environment for frequent changes;
    • Detection and correction of problems;
    • Process automation.
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