• " Holding on to something sweet. Taking the pain in. Gives away her pride. In a broken body. Falling down every night another fight. Tring to find that missing light. She has her head in her heart. For a man with a hole in his chest. Slowly changing the price she had paid. Gave away her life. It's easier to keep her head in her heart. She kept her head up. Don't you cry He would say. Talk through your problems never avoid such pain. Don't worry. Nothing is wrong. Clear my head. Push it down and don't let the whole world crush this down. Even with this broken heart, it's a brand new start. Moved on and still took this heart that's half gone. Been so blind. Loved her with a hug. Loved him with my kiss. Time for a new start. Taking the pain. Making a song. She had her head in her heart. In a broken body. Gives away her pride. Holding on to something sweet.
    A love with thoughts.
    Just a girl who walked away.
    I will miss who we changed into.
    I needed her head in her heart.
    She needed a guy with an empty space to fill.
    A warm hug. A savory kiss. A problem to work through.
    Just- start over. Give away another try. Let it go wrong to make it right. Survive with only ahead in her heart.