• Banned

    When someone deceives you, he lies to you and especially breaks your trust. There is so much more. Making false promises etc

    Have I become a stone hearted person?

    I've probably become a stone heart Or perhaps a careless person and I don't care about his lies, or we didn't talk about it, nor do I want to talk about it, I don't need patience, coz I have lots. So What if someone doesn't love me it's ok but one day someone will love me, I believe.πŸ’•

  • a stoned heart to me is when you lose empathy for those in distress and no longer hurt for someone in pain. if you ever get to that point, you are ruined as a person.

  • When someone tell how bad, ugly and stupid you are when she's angry to you and then when she's okay it seems everything that she said is your fault. And now she's okay but you, you've been hurt like hell. She gave you affectionate when she's in good mood but treat like a animal when she's not.

  • You love her despite of everything and her shit attitude, but still she'll give you who's really her.

  • @Katherine-k I can be both depending on the situation .

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