• I was a disturbed kid.... I change myself to live alone becuase i love to hangout with friends very much. After changing myself to live alone and dont have friends i automatically turned into a depression....and finally i am living in depression from last 3 years. It's very hard to live every single day. If any one knows, what should i do to be normal again, Plzz reply...........Life sucks

  • If you would like to talk, I am a good listener...

  • No dear... Thanks....Actually i dont want to talk i want to be normal like i was before........the way i feel its different ..my head start to pain sometimes and i dont want to go anywhere i just want to sit at home and i dont feel relaxed and many oher things are happening....i just pray and pray and pray to be a normal boy again.......remember me in your prayers......Thanks for your reply

  • @Tarique-Shaikh

    copy pasting....
    "Ask the population that doesn’t suffer from depression...

    ….the Kaluli people.

    What’s their secret? Keep reading to find out.

    It started when an anthropologist in 1986 scoured the Highlands of New Guinea to study the prevalence of depression.

    He wasn’t really expecting much. But what he discovered after surveying 2,000 Kaluli tribe members, shocked his expectations.

    His discovery?

    That the Kaluli people have virtually ZERO depression (in exception of one case).

    That’s amazing. Especially when we consider they don’t have ANY of our medicine or comforts.

    They also suffer from much more stressful life events than us (high infant mortality rates, violent deaths, and parasitic infections).

    Yet, they have WAY lower depression rates than almost every civilized population on Earth.

    The same was found with other Hunter Gatherers like the Thai-Lao of Thailand, Toraja of Indonesia, and even the Amish.

    How is it possible that primitive people — who live much harder lives than we do — rarely suffer from depression?

    The secret lies in their lifestyle habits.

    More specifically, two things:

    Let’s breakdown the first lifestyle habit:


    Almost 100% of Kaluli people get adequate exercise.

    In comparison, only 23% of Americans get ‘adequate’ exercise.

    What’s one major side effect of not exercising?


    As researchers recently discovered, exercise is AS effective as an antidepressant in treating depression (without the side effects).

  • I understand and that’s really okay. And I understand that you would feel normal as soon as possible. But to get there you need to work on that. How? Finding a way you can express your thoughts, emotions and feelings by for example writing down on paper, painting or a way which you like to do. It helps you to found out what’s going in your mind and how you can cope with your negative thoughts and feelings. Chatting with someone can help with that too... Yes, I would like to pray for you.

  • @Angel_35 Thank you very very much....i just feel lost.....i cant think anything.....i am frustrated , irritated........feels like i am trying to much or pushing my self too much for a better future.....but in reality i am not even doing a thing for future........i will write to you tomorrow....i am not well now....going to take medicine....and really thanks...thanks for your words

  • @Tarique-Shaikh You are really welcome. If you feel to do it, just send me a message. Anytime. You are in my prayers...

  • @Tarique-Shaikh I've lived with depression for over 25 years. As lame as it sounds sometimes medication is needed depending on the type of depression, as said above activity like exercise can really help get rid of temporary depression, and there is always therapy. Sometimes just talking it out can help you realize what may be the main cause and you can slowly make changes to your life to improve temporary depression.