Should a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boy get married if they really love each other or are they too young?

  • Should a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boy get married if they really love each other or are they too young?

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    Up to them and the parents if they sign for it

  • You should wait a while longer to get married. You may think you are really in love, but thats what I thought when I met my daughters father when I was 16. Now Im 20, and my daughter is 4 months old, and I dont want to be with him anymore. Time really does change things. I thought at that age, that that wasnt true. But it really does. Wait a while and see, and if in a few years even if its as few as 2 or 3 maybe 4, then go for it. Untill then though, Id suggest waiting. You dont want what happened to me to happen to you. I love my daughter, but not her father. And now, no matter what, Im connected to him through her forever. Just wait a while, a few years at least, and if youre still together then, then go for it. Untill then, Id wait. Good luck.

    If you know in your heart you love each other and you are positive you want to spend the rest of your life with him...wait...if youre going to spend the rest of your lives together what is your rush? If your meant for each other youll last. Good Luck.

    Directed to Kristin... If you think you have to prove to your mother that you are mature enough to get married that alone shows immaturity. You need to be who you are not how someone tells you to act to get what you want. Be patiant your mother probably knows you are a mature person, she may just not want to lose her little girl. Everyone has differant beliefs and whatever your mothers are for why she doesnt want you to get married you should respect.

    I am a sixteen year old girl and engaged to an eighteen year old, weve been together for a year. My parents dont agree of our engagment and that is fine with us. We know we will be together so we can wait. If you really love someone what is the rush. Why should you tarnish your relationship with your mother (father, parents) For something that if true will happen anyway.I used to have a whole differant view on this but then I realized what I had and not so much what I want.

  • Well, it's possible if you live in England . Cuz the legal age to marry there is 16

  • First of all you no need to get married if you love some one, marriage is a agreement a bond paper done by authorities, by rules and regulations and with given choices..
    Question to ask do you really need a paper to prove your love ??
    Age is a number, maturity is experienced knowledge, u need maturity to understand love is ..