• This is normal chat, don't expect any plea for advice (maybe little) or a story twist worthy of Hollywood

    want to start one topic too so -hey!

    BUT BEWARE - Wait for a long and probably boring essay

    For some reason, these things take me
    I have an urge to learn about them as much as possible and I have great respect for them (I don't believe in their gods - a stupid question that everyone asks me)
    I have an urge to recognize their traditions as well, because simply looking at the world of such Northerners, Egyptians and Greeks seems wonderful and deserves recognition.
    That's the real reason I read, watch and play fantasy (although they are never true to the original)
    There are a lot of things I would like to visit in my life (although I doubt I will succeed)

    It started when I first saw Percy Jackson films
    At that time I loved them (today I already know what the shit is)
    The idea of ​​demigods and so many magical creatures and objects fascinated me
    I started reading books by Rick Riordan and learned so many things from mythology and I'm happy for that
    I read his books perhaps six times and it wasn't enough for me

    • From his series PJ I started to love Greek gods and their magic
    • From his HoO series I started to love the Roman military and learned about different formations, equipment and positions (I also learned a little Latin and it led me to assassins creed when Ezio was still the protagonist)
    • From his trilogy Magnus Chase I started to completely love the Northerners - I also have a lot in common with them, I'm Czech and their culture influenced us a lot
    • I've read his other books, but these meant the most to me

    I also got other titles

    • Tolkien's Books (I Love The Hobbit)
    • Harry Potter (not much at the beginning and very end)
    • The Inheritance Cycle (Masterpiece, but reading it's a bit challenging)
    • The Witcher (quite funny to imagine the monsters in the way the author described them, because I probably do not have to explain to you that Czechs have identical folklore, but we have always presented them in fairy tales as harmless creatures trying to fool people and still fail, or often as impartial pilgrims)


    • Does anyone share my passion with me?
    • Take it as an opportunity to recommend some good fantasy books and games or just chat

    PS - of course I don't take the facts from those books and games seriously and I always check the information (I swear to god or straight to all the gods that if someone tells me that Loki is Thor's brother, I hit him right in the face)

  • Ever read any of the Norse sagas? They're an interesting cultural touchpoint.

    Also I find one way to appreciate ancient cultures is to look at their philosophies. Epicureanism, Stoicism, Socratic schools of thought and the like for Greco-Roman era.

  • @silenceiswisdom Yes, i read some sagas (most legendary) and i love Béowulf
    But its really tough reading

  • @Tomáš-Karban
    i agree, learning about ancient cultures & mythology can be very very fascinating. i was a real history nerd as a kid, so i totally get why you're so thrilled.

    also, "the hobbit" is a great book! imho it's tolkien's best work :)))

  • @Tomáš-Karban It sounds like you read a lot.. great! Do you read the full version of those classic or just the abridged? I read a wide range of books. I like ancient Greece because they pioneered in democracy. You’re a Czech, right? What books about Europe before Rome would you recommend?

  • @kaia_ as I mentioned, I read some sagas and also a lot of legends and myths (I recommend Neil Gaiman and his Norse mythology)
    Europe before Rome? so it doesn't occur to me much except legends and sagas
    The only thing that comes to my mind are old stories and legends about the origins of the Slavs and therefore the Czechs (but I do not know if they are also in English -Just look at it and no, but if you were interest i will recommend Eduard Petiška (lots of legends) and Alois Jirásek)
    Rome was one of the largest empires and lasted a very long time, so the concept before Rome does not occur to me much (I really do not remember any, sorry)
    there is a lot of it during or after Rome (Its a shame that i dont read a much about about europe (except Rome, Greece and Northern)

  • Nevermind I found a english version of Alois Jirásek ''Staré pověsti české'' - Ancient Bohemian Legends/Old Czech Legends

  • @Tomáš-Karban Okay, I'll go with it. There's must be something new I can learn, especially about their values, philosophy and hopefully their political structures.
    Thanks, anyway..

  • Dude you seem really cool, I really love ancient Egypt it's fascinating

  • I'm reading the hobbit rn for the first time and I'm on the 15th chapter, I can't wait until I finish it so I can go back watch the movie and compare it to the OG book

  • @Tomáš-Karban Have you looked into the ancient Celt culture? Lots of interesting things there as well. Love studying the Fey and the various Courts. Anyway lots of interesting things there. And also might enjoy checking out ancient Japanese and Chinese cultures as well.

  • @D-lusch Great! I don't love Egyptian mythology as much as Norse and Greek mythology, but it's also great, especially in terms of their views on death and the counterweight to chaos and order.

    I'm thinking of re-reading the hobbit, after all, it's been a while since I've read it, and the details are starting to fade.

    I don't think you will be very disappointed with the hobbit thanks to the fact that the filmmakers put a lot of work (and especially time) so the films are quite faithful (and the changes are acceptable and have a reason)

  • @Tomáš-Karban Oo~ My interest in myth started with PJO too!!

  • @Tomáš-Karban wonderful and glad to hear about your perspectives of ancient calture.
    Information you have it's gained from series movies and TV show and it's done based on real events not as it is !!
    To make more sensation to it ,lot of add up is included by modern ideas ...
    It's from single novel not by reference or research long way for you to understand more deeper about ancient culture ..
    Caucasus island now it's Iraq Iran turkey and Russia. the place of Aryan formation , personally I do not know but I heard from scholars who are into ancient civilization and culture !!

    You forgot about Aramaya culture , aka aramaic one of the oldest language and culture, as I know !! May be I am worng !!
    U just know till Egypt also half Aryan and Aramaya or Indus influence.. what about rest of the old culture and civilization, like Inca , Maya , Indus , Dravidian, many and more ??
    No comments !!
    This is never ending research.. ancient culture conversation will ends up with arguement or debate because we have very little information about it.. what you said it's not ancient as you say .. so if you have little more interesting fact about
    What I mention I have lot to talk about it, you make sense I can't dis agree need discourse of your information ..
    You have just watched a trailer of a whole movie ..
    Have a wonderful day !!

  • @knownsense So far, I focus on the cultures I mentioned (and I'm also beginning to get to shamanism and its forms, I like the idea that everything living and non-living has its soul, and shamanic magic in terms of protective and auxiliary spirits)
    It all depends on how interested the mentioned culture interests me and so I also study it in a way that I like (as a hobby, through books and many stories - and also on the Internet when I can't find the right answer)
    I don't think I could know everything even if I dedicated my whole life to it, but I will try

  • @Tomáš-Karb U means shamans like from south America ?? in another word witch doctors, shepherds or nomads live with in the nature and have a deep knowledge of herbs, spices, all type of magical herbs because of Thier roots passed on to generation or knowledge gained travelling on place to another.. meeting like minded people!!

    so yeah I agreee it's oldest as old as cave men early settlement i guess?
    it's a sect of herbal natural living content people .. another word meditative people!!
    Just like to share the knowledge with love and respect and accept it as it is !!
    I think it's better to go in dept paganism from all over globe .. and when you know all the angles of circle .. you will see the circle as tangent so ..u will see very clearly , that all are same .we did this culture or religion sects because to run a community ..later rules and regulations applies , likes and dislikes, agenda .. then with greed or fear not able to accept new idea and we fuck each other logic and will be illogical to each other as we now ..
    End of the the will ,.want to be alpha dominant team sect or groups .. .. so yeah but nice to understand ..
    Any way all the best you are young I guess so .. my times are different, information was not as like now in internet some one else read the book giving profound summary ot perspective view..my days no net story , just a article in news paper.. it's wonderful I like it any way saves lot of my time to understand well after reading the book but I did refer book.. it's s vicious unbreakable study and research!! Goes on and on refering book to book !!
    Good luck