• Take me away to your poetic land

    Where we can get lost in each other,

    Where the milestones are all paved with love—

    A journey filled with lust,

    The sound of the surroundings

    enchanted with your kiss!

    Take me away to your poetic land

    Where we’ll make things steamy,

    We’ll make things sweet;

    Where we’ll breathe for each other,

    Taste each other deeply;

    Where we’ll make the world envious

    with our moment of bliss!





    She dances under the sunlight
    Making the natural highlights
    Pop through her hair
    And she is comfortable in this beauty

  • @Cosmic_Lady tu me manques

    Once in a millennia
    My soul finds one like you
    Who sets it aflame with a look a word
    Who makes it crave
    A touch a home
    Who creates wistful oceans
    Calm and red
    With her ardent caresses lay to rest
    My restless soul spirit awoke
    For my wishes
    A lifetime of dreams and hope
    That at the end of times
    I’d sail before a thousand moons
    Just for a chance to be with you
    I’d lay down with the sun
    For endless nights
    Of kisses and fun