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    I wrote this a few years back and its still close to my heart.

    Let the earth of my body, Be mixed with the earth you walk on
    Let the fire of my body, Be the brightness shining in your eyes
    Let the water of my body, Be the sweet pool that you bathe in
    And let the breath of my body, Be the gentle wind caressing your soft soft skin
    Like the darkness is to the stars above, you are to me you are to me
    And if a day came when the sun forgot to shine, thats how my heart would be without you my love.

    Let me be sky and moving through me, That cloud-like one
    Let me be sky and moving through me, That dark dark one, My love
    Let me be sky let me be sky, I see the heavens when look in your eyes
    Let me be sky let me be sky, Just take my hand know we can fly.

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    Wow Tranceformer, That was very moving bro. You are truely an Artist, no doubt. Yes I too write, all the time, and never stop. I use to keep napkins in my pocket and a pen, incase words would drive me to write new songs. I know to write good songs, the music must be first, and then the words appear, but sometimes, I find, words do have a life of their own, and will guide me.. You are like that too, my brother,,and I am honored and greatful to have met a fellow Artist such as you.. Spread you wings my friend, and fly into the air and kiss the morning light, for you must take flight, and dive deep into the heart of life.. Peace brother.

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    Hey Jaque! thanks bro. you are such an inspiration to me these days. I get to learn a lot from you and our connection is pure, true and bliss. thanks my friend. I would like to read your thoughts when you pen them down brother.

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    Lol wut?

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