• i have watched kobe footage for 3 days. saw the news directly from KCAL and everything. i finally realized i had to stop because i dont wanna cry anymore. i realize now after seeing how he did what he did and went about life, i am a better man and can be even more of one. a better father, husband, or friend. thats what kobe taught all of us and why he was put here. it wasnt to put a ball in a hoop. i think God wants us to see how people can be transformed into extraordinary men. anyway, i saw this quote and i am forever changed by it. wow moment


  • @mikeJB I like the quote but still a part of me thinks that even if we managed to make something big or something that lives forever remembered by folks,we still would'nt be alive forever to enjoy the fame or attention that we receive for creating such a thing so what's the point.Besides there are also many con men who are remembered by the people because of their deeds like many famous terrorists so i think that should'nt be the exact purpose.

  • @mikeJB nothing lasts forever unless you're really lucky in your legacy will there are a few people we are still talking about today that left their mark on this world a few thousand years ago, however that's a pretty small number considering the entire human populations since it has been on Earth I don't know what that figure is but it's quite large.
    I wish you well in your endeavor and I hope you succeed but even mountains crumble and disappear into the sea. And the sea evaporates. Diamonds might last in extremely long time however what day are made from didn't last that long and I have really no expectations that the diamonds themselves will stay diamonds for that long either.
    As far as I know the only thing is change change is constant everything changes always doesn't matter what given the right amount of time it changes.
    Ponder this thought 679 billion light years could pass for the blink of an eye of a different entity and I do not mean that takes that entity 679 billion light years for his eyelid to open and close what I mean is if you live for say 999 quadrillion light to the hundredth power years, 679 billion light years is nothing nothing even to consider look for a human being your never even going to live long enough to see 150.
    Now how long has the Earth been here?
    the Earth itself as well as the sun and all the stars you can see are not going to last forever,so I guess my point and all this rambling is I wish you well good luck with your quest don't let it drive you insane.