It's The 4th! Make It What You Will

  • There's recently a LOT of controversy, here in the U.S. Everyone has opposing opinions, on many hot topics. Hey, if you're in the U.S. at least be thankful you live in a free country, where you CAN voice your opinions. Regardless of which side of the fence you're on, enjoy this swingin' song, from the endless playlist. Always makes me want to...SALUTE ☮

  • @Lazz agreed bro, I'm confised too. America is the nation i grew up with (chips, dukes of hazard, burt reynolds to mention a few), o fucking love the place, never been closer than Canada (Ontario since you ask lol, my uncle lives in Kitchener) and lots of my favourite people are from there, you, claire, paris etc just off thr top of my head. But man !!! It's so racist there, i ain't talking about the good people like you, I'm talking about the fucked up institutions. I'm old enough to remember Rodney King and the l a. Riots in the 80s, that should have put shit to bed, should never be George floyd 30 years later. I'm measured in my thoughts, the woman i love is American, it's the place i would live given the choice but man, i wouldn't want to be black there

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    Great song I haven't listened to this in
    God knows how many years but it's honestly great!!!

  • @Lazz i kinda agree bro but as an outsider looking in, your country is institutionally racist. That bothers me, Bob Marley didn't write the song "war" for nothing. I've used that song to teach my kids about the horror of racism. Obviously i paraphrased and toned it down a little but the message was still there. Shit dad says just doesn't have the impact of shit Bob says, i love my little rasta kids ❤

  • @Scottish I love my country, warts, flaws and all. BUT this isn't the same country I grew up, in. I'm trying to dodge much of the debate, and politics. Just trying to make an OK day, out of one that's usually a very meaningful holiday.

    And without stepping on too many toes.

  • fuck the 4th.

  • we can voice our opinions? but get rubber bullets shot at us for protesting.

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