The World, Human Psyche Simplified: The Two Halves of the World and Us. (Chapter 1)

  • Seldom have we come across cases which justify people enacting on behalf of their psyche and their routine bias. Acknowledgeable should be made, the fact that the modern society is a formulated expression of greater intelligence, and lesser emotions, which implies not exactly redundant, but extremely low levels of alertness to the so called faction of ‘mental health’. Let it be known the easy way that it is as important as harbouring aesthetic bodily features, but holds a far greater significance than one can imagine.
    Many people are the victims of clinical depression, or just induced melancholy and lows. A lot of people are not willing to be diagnosed by the docs, because well, they would be deemed as insane and unfit by the prestige-withholding modern society. It’s shameful to realize that the cases of homicides and suicides are on the rise again, and on a worldwide basis. People are either too broken, or too ashamed to come forward, and it should be made known to the public that people aren’t exactly always extroverted, and many have superficial smiles beneath which lurk dark and hollow personalities and thoughts. An unhealthy mind is holding many captive, and the thought of acquiring one doesn’t seem to bother folks anymore. Missed opportunities of interacting with such people are what that many in the profession of helping as Samaritans, aren’t taking seriously. And if the world doesn’t realize it sooner or later, depression is as dangerous a pandemic as the Chimera.
    For those who find this terminology to be novel, depression is a state of unrest which causes you to feel low, makes you want to be inexistent, and defines you as a liability. It should be made clear that it is not an incurable disease. It is not pathogenic, and but it has causes, diagnosis, medication and it’s very own incubation period. It is not associated with sudden onset, and the symptoms may be not very apparent as one might expect them to be. Blaming the depressed is always irrational, and helping the depressed is a virtue which defines you as a human and a true friend, or a Samaritan. Being the headlight for the cars on lost roads is what you should always embrace, shall you anytime get the opportunity.
    Nowadays, the situation is extraordinary and the circumstances are beyond natural. They are insanely twisted, and so the human psyche has also taken a turn for the bad. Surely there are happy people in the world, but challengingly, most of the people, urban or rural, find themselves in mental unrest. The cases are surging, and people are giving up fast. Is this real? Indeed, you’d find this hard to believe. But we also have to modify and acclimatise to adapt to our mutated environment better by avoiding those who are sulphur, and listening those who are sweet and positive. This may seem superficial, but it is almost all the times authentic. There are always people to help; there are always people to listen.
    Make it known, to all those who find themselves in unrest- A dynamic nature is all you need to be moving in life. A static lifestyle will just end with mostly bad results. You only need to be silent when absolutely demanded.
    It’s okay to be not okay. And it is certainly better to find someone to talk to. It helps a lot, and I can account for the effects it has. Absolute trust and sharing personal strong bias is always not recommended, but if you think you strike a chord with your listener, you know you have a supportive friend.

    Stand up, speak out. You can pull through this. We all are. I am. The world is a better place without this malignant parasite.

  • Wow that was deep, basmati. Very thought-provoking and...intellectual lmaoo loved it 😭

  • @Dunderglub Thanks Esc. Appreciated your honest reply. It's a part of a book I am writing :)

  • Here's the thing. I think, if this vogue for mental health awareness is really a thing (and why would millionaire Prince Harry lie?), then that suggests it's a really tangible, diagnosible thing.

    And you're right, @TheZeightGuy Everyone is proud and well-practised at superficial smiles.

    So? You get a duty psychiatrist in all major hospitals. You get people to see them in ten minute sessions. That's all it needs. A meeting just long enough that the psychiatrist can say, "OK, this guy is clearly not faking". And then? The psychiatrist signs an official document that the patient can hand to his employer / teachers / social services that says, "Anything this guy needs, just give it to him, because you could be the straw that breaks the camels back and drives him or her to suicide". Because I think, nine times out of ten, it wouldn't cost the employer / teachers / social services penny one, and all they'd need to do would be less Nazi-ish.

    Or is that too much like common sense?

  • @Indrid-Cold In perfect agreement. Sessions, therapy and helplines are the poster face of depression and suicide these days. Are they effective? I really don't know, I didn't ever have a reason to opt for either. But I am pretty sure that if people are willing to change, to listen, and to support others better, we would be seeing less deaths and more blossoming and productive lives. And this applies to all age groups.
    Indeed it falls as an obvious realization that it the duty is bestowed unsto humanity, to make sure that it doesn't get strangled by its own menacing and untrustworthy hands. We have to make the change. And this, before its too late to change anything.