Mandela Effect I've Experienced 1

  • Advisory: if you don't know what the Mandela effect is, look it up.

    Ok this one messed me up hecka lot. Peanut butter. Good ol jiffy, right? Wrong. The brand is jif. It's always been jif. Never jiffy. Don't give me that look I'm serious go in your kitchen and look for yourself. Someone please tell me that they're as shook as me so I don't seem as crazy.

  • ok but what about mirror mirror on the wall actually being magic mirror on the wall

  • @brutalliam let me save you some time. It isn't any multiple universe nonsense
    The multiverse probably exists but don't listen to dumbasses that try to use bro science + bro interpretation of the multiverse theory to explain the mandela effect. It is just that human memory slowly fills up with errors over time and this can also happen on a mass scale

  • @alwaysstranger which is awesome in it itself, considering everyone in the world had the same error in their memory and their brain filling it up in the same way without any regards to the country, culture and language.

  • @lucifer_ usually these days when people talk about it on the internet. It actually became famous in 2010 after the death of Nelson Mandela. Many people around the world thought that he died in 1980 in a jail and had then realized that to be false and soon when people talked about it, many other examples arose like the monopoly having a monocle (He doesn't) and the queen in snow white saying "Mirror, mirror on the Wall" (She actually says, "Magic mirror on the Wall")

  • I don't even eat peanut butter

  • @delilah don't spoil it I'll get there baby steps

  • @brutalliam LMFAO sorry im just really into the mandela effect and everything has me shooketh to the core

  • @delilah same lmao I'm a fricken nerd and I'm trying to compose theories as to why it happens

  • Are you sure you did not just misread the label because it is pretty common to assume things and then find out they are not what you thought they were.
    May be you heard a friend or your parents call it jiffy or you nicknamed it jiffy when you were a kid and never bothered to check the actual brand.
    Just like people call it kleenax all their lives and never realize that its a tissue so a tissue with any other company might shock you at the same level.
    Also your "special medication" is known to have side effects.
    It could be a memory glitch.

  • @sir-devil That would be awesome sir Devil but how would someone realize that something changed?

  • Gamers

    No your not crazy I thought this to man

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