• If you love someone, would you chose to tell her/him, at the risk of being rejected, or would you prefer not to even let her/him know, by fear of rejection?
    Will the fear of rejection make you lose the chance of the other saying "YES", or at the very least "maybe", or will you make the step and "jump"?
    What is worse for you, to tell the other one and to run the risk of being let down, or not to tell her/him and run the risk of her/him being with someone else?

  • I would choose to tell them. Because It’s not just a ‘crush’ But someone you ‘love’ And love is strong! So If It’s love then What Do you have to loose Rejection sucks, especially if it’s someone you love. But then at least you can move on. Better than the pain of waiting.

  • @peachpie agree 100% i would always take that chance too. It's impossible NOT to tell someone if you are taken by them

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