Racism PII: American Police

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    Well it’s very obvious what this is gonna be about💀 OKAY SO GEORGE FLOYD, AHMAUD ARBERY, TRAVYON MARTIN, KEITH SCOTT, ATATIANA JEFFERSON, STEPHON CLARK, TAMIR RICE, I could go on all day listing names of people who got shot by white police: petty charges and colour. And let’s be real , there’s probably a lot of cases of people that we’re unaware. God imagine being an ethnic minority and living in America! How fucking scared you’d be if you see the police... these very people who are supposed to keep you safe. Well lucky you white people we’re the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. We are only regressing and trump is a big part of the blame. We don’t choose our skin colour, we inherit it: our we supposed to be ashamed? We shouldn’t be saying all black lives matter cos we still can’t get past this barrier of categorising people into two. Being black/brown shouldn’t make ya less privileged than the rest but ofc y’all like a hierarchy and being on the top of it is pretty great. Now I ain’t saying every white person is racist just why do the bad few get to dictate it?

    All lives matter. Doesn’t matter who you are.

  • @ShayThatBae agree with every word of this

  • @ShayThatBae

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  • @ShayThatBae i am white and I AM WITH YOU1 rise up black brothers! we took you from africa and have treated you like shit! i could never understand your rage, but i can stand with you as you vent it. here is the soundtrack to your frustration. the chorus goes like this--- BOILING POINT, BOILING OVER, BOILING POINT, NOW ITS OVER!!!

  • @Mike-JB you and i don't generally get along but I'm not petty, i know what i think is right and I'm with you all the way on this

  • @ShayThatBae saying “all lives matter” is complete bullshit right now. the black lives matter movement was not made to stand over other races but to bring attention to injustices blacks face. that’s just like going to a breast cancer march and yelling “ALL CANCERS MATTER”. i advise you to not go around saying “all lives matter”. also don’t know if you knew this or not but “all lives matter” was only made because whites felt left out in the black lives matter movement. they feel entitled to everything.

  • @ShayThatBae yes, every life matters. but saying “all lives matter” when we are having protest for blacks is like talking over us. in america right now light needs to be shined on black lives.

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    I had a mini revelation when I was watching Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee. I felt my sole purpose to black civil rights was a contradictory to itself. How can I say I want my race to be treated like everybody else when my race was the only struggle I cared about?
    Now this “All Lives Matter” talk is just talk; these people bring up other race’s struggles not to connect with you, but to tell you that the black struggle isn’t as important as other people struggle. They just want to distract you from the black struggle.
    The true heart of the “All Lives Matter” movement is for each individual to look inside their own heart to dare to care for their fellow being. I ain’t gonna tell you to do what I do, just saying the choice is yours

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