• House full of people but still alone
    You feel the love from your family
    but still alone...Here I sit wondering
    where I went wrong, The pain of being alone
    is the hardest..Wanting it to end asking yourself
    if it ever will...Thinking only I can change the things
    I hate in my life, but how can you change something
    that is always the same..you wake-up day in and day out
    doing and moving the same no day different then the
    next. Waking up and falling asleep alone...

  • @The-traumatized Break the routine. Add something new to your life that will inspire growth. When you find yourself in an endless loop it can be tiring. I know when I am feeling trapped and I need to bring back my peace, I turn to nature. If I can not have access to it, I will find something that will stimulate my mind. Do not loose yourself within your mind. Overcome and take baby steps. When you can refocus and set yourself in the right direction you can venture forth and find others that are like minded to help you ease your feeling of loneliness.

  • Global Veteran

    @The-traumatized Break that chain of thoughts..u just gotta work harder to make everyday spl.