• You are chatting at night with her
    You suddenly feel horny
    You quickly ask for a nude
    She says no
    You continue
    She asks you to understand her
    You tell her to trust you
    She says she can't expose her body to anyone
    You still go on.

    She tells you to wait
    You wait patiently
    She sends it
    You feel happy
    You wank on it
    You finish, you look at the nude again
    You feel disgusted
    You think its nasty after wanking on it
    You then go to mobile uploads
    You upload the pic with a nasty caption
    You even tag her
    She sees it
    She sends you a message for you to delete it, she cries and begs
    But you say no‼
    She tells you she'll send more if you delete that one
    You say you've seen everything you wanted.

    People start to like and react on the nude
    Some start to comment bad things, some defend, some feel sorry, some laugh.
    Her friends see the nude, some friends are disappointed and discriminate her, some friends defend her, but it does nothing cause everybody has seen the nude.

    Some people share it
    Some save and some even show her relatives
    She's toned she regrets she cries
    Next day she goes to school
    She finds some people booing her
    She enters the class just about to sit, she's called by the head teacher
    She's told to explain what the head teacher and the member of stuff have heard, she fails
    She's beaten.

    The head teacher call her parents
    They talk to the head teacher and the result is that she's expelled ‼
    The parents try to plead but the head teacher is cold hearted
    She goes home
    Her parents are disappointed, and they also beat her.

    Her phone is taken away
    Her life ruined
    She tries to take a walk just to think things through
    But as she's walking people point at her
    She hears them talking about the same thing
    Some laugh
    She goes back home.

    Thinking too much
    She decides to commit suicide as a relief
    She goes to her mothers bedroom
    She gets the rat poison
    She quickly drinks it
    Within two minutes she's dead.

    Her parents call for her
    She doesn't answer
    They are mad they call again, she doesn't answer
    They quickly go to her bedroom to beat her
    They find her dead with the rat poison beside her
    They feel bad, they blame themselves
    They cry, they regret punishing her
    They call her relatives and close friends
    Everybody knows and they feel sad
    Her best friend cries cause she can't believe what she sees.

    The exposer also hears the news
    He is toned
    He regrets, he feels like going back to time
    The burial day has come, her best friend and parents see the coffin lowering
    they all burst in tears
    They can't believe it.

    Her parents are never the same from their daughters
    Everybody close to her are not the same
    The exposer is being haunted with force pictures of her.
    It started simple until it was too much
    You can easily ruin someone's life with something you think is simple.
    Life is like electricity, Anybody can shock you.
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