• I liked this boy so so much and he said that he liked me too. But we had to stay as friends because we were friends with eachothers exes. But now our exes are together and he said he wanted just friends with benefits, I agreed at first but I want a relationship he doesn't. He just kept leading me on and then leaving me in the dirt whenever he pleased. I knew that if I continued this I would get more hurt than I already have. So I told him on sc that I wanted to discontinue because what he wanted was different than what I wanted. I used to be a whore but I decided a while ago that I wanted my body to be mine. He opened it a day ago and didn't care to respond. Just shows that he lost someone who cared a shit ton and I lost someone who made my heart hurt. But I'm afraid of missing something, what If I made the wrong decision?

  • @Bad-Habitz you need to do what makes you happy and if you need someone to talk to im here

  • @Bad-Habitz fellow your ❤️, we cannot correct our past mistake so we accept them and try not to make them again. Most thing that you cannot regret is what might happen ? Because we don't know, either worse or better. So be yourself, do what your ❤️ telling you, be happy time fix everything even broken souls.

  • @Bad-Habitz Sweetheart, you made the best decision. Your body is yours to do whatever you want with it, nobody has a right to tell you otherwise. As for the idiot who ignored your message, ignore him too. Guys like him don't deserve another second of your thoughts. You will find someone better, someone who will cherish you for the great person that you are. Stay happy, stay positive!!!

  • @Bad-Habitz you made the right decision love, you deserve better.

  • LurkersForLife

    @Bad-Habitz best decision ever, he can't treat u like some piece of shit, who does he think he is? Bro u deserve much better.

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