Would you rather tell the truth and be judged or lie and feel glorious?

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    @ScottishGuy 😊welcome

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @Jumper-Cable-Guy i can see improvements in myself as well, glad you noticed that too 😊 but i am not there yet, still on my way. 😊

    Before, being too honest made me lose friends too because they don't accept me. Some of my friends lost the love of their lives too for being too honest. Kinda why this post was made.

    Glad you appreciate my honesty, thank you! 😊

  • @Ghost800 Again its true you don't have to remember the truth but you have to remember all the lies you tell to avoid contradicting yourself.

    But If a person always tells the truth he/she would probably shift to a cave or make a fortress of solitude .

    For example - If someone doesn't like a person and he balantly tells him so, will this make the other guy feel good?

    ... How about the same answer to himself from any other guy or his/her crush ? ....

    You likely wont hesitate to tell the truth to a stranger cause his/her opinion really doesnt mater to you in the long run

    but How about if your mom/dad made your favorite food but unlike other days its not as good as you hoped it would be , would you say it in her face that it was bad and that her hard work was useless ?

    Depending on the situation and your relationship with that person ,you might have to change your answer 🙂

  • Very well @Jumper-Cable-Guy point taken.
    But I still stand my ground on telling the truth no matter what!
    Like what I said before, lying is just a waste of time and telling the truth is the best option..
    You can always tell the truth in a much nicer way yk. just learn how to analyze and/or handle the situation properly and you'll be good to go.

    ~Eventually when all was said and done.. "right is right and wrong is wrong".. and that's only it! just a matter of choice periodt.

  • @Ella-26 😅Haa, I just wanted to start a fresh. All Thanks to you, and sleeping..😅I still find it hard but I am good. Hope everything is fine with you too.😄

  • @Jumper-Cable-Guy Hey well since we’re all strangers I don’t feel awkward jumping into this discussion but what you just said really has me thinking about well a lot of things that have taken place recently and my life time but I made a lot of mistakes in my relationship but most of them while I was under the influence of drugs actually 100% of all my problems I’ve ever had were because of drugs and poor choices that came with the effect if the drugs but taking the drugs was my first poor choice 🙅‍♂️ but what I’m getting at is that drugs led to cheating and that led to well guilt as soon as I sobered up ohh and the pain that came with that gulit it takes a whole lot of more drugs to numb the pain and disgusting feeling of how trashy off a person I’ve become and well loads of other shit I’ve been running from but to get back on track I’ve gotten to a point that I’m starting to make changes and i have been sober more this year than high but in the moments off being high I can’t tell what was reality or a delusion of my reality hence in the mix I had a breaking point of wanting to really change and started confessing everything that i have done and that goes back to most of everything was under the influence and now i don’t know if I confessed directly to her or someone in my imagination I hope imagination because ive hurt her so much already plus that woman has a shit load of other trials in her life that are mostly caused by this ass hole here so I’m just wondering well a lot of things that lol fuck
    Man just sucks because I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ anything because she won’t speak to me because I’m certain she’s beyond hurt and I am stressed wondering if she’s aware of my confession and what I’m wondering in my head is am I a sick twisted human for the weird wrongful things I’ve committed while I was high or no I’m not that person tue drugs made me because like now when I’m sober i am completely the opposite and i know she’s aware of that because she’s missed this version of me hell i have and now I’m trying very hard to stay sober forever and go back to school and help younger kids stay far as hell from drugs maybe eventually share the journey to wanting to get sober but that’s a long shot I just wanna change and I’m trying hard so I joined this site again today but not for the same reason i joined last time aaaaggggghhh and that’s the disgusting feeling I was mentioning it’s so nasty that what the fuck why wills anyone want to do a drug that makes them a horn dog looking for a hole paranoid and staying up just to look like a mess.... depression, suicide, self hate, regret and broken family will make a person go to any extent to feel like anyone but who they really are

    Moral fuck drugs it took my family and my love away from me I don’t hate myself I hate the drugs 👌 never take a good woman for granted never lie this is coming from a professional liar 🤥 and if you have kids especially a ——daughter—— man the fuck up plus grow some balls and learn to respect woman even the sluts by respecting yourself because you might teach her a valuable lesson that she might thank you for later on
    It’s never to late to change unless you’re in your grave ask god for forgiveness no beg plead cry out screaming for him to lift This urge and desire for drugs well that’s what I do and pray for her and her family for all that you have destroyed

    See that’s what drugs do thanks man I have a lot to say

  • @Gia28 tell the truth and be judged cause I get judged anyways so whatever

  • Exactly! Unless your friend ask you if she is getting fat then even though She has put on some weight during the lock down! Just say no or she gonna hit you with a shoe 😂

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    @djbrad321 couldn't agree more 😊

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @cainiscain 😂 well that friend wouldn't be able to hit me unless she's great at throwing stuff at more than 1 meters apart 😅

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @C-Stine543 don't worry about that. Judged or not, at least telling the truth spares us from the consequences of being a liar. Like those who lie and use us, they better wait for their prizes 😅

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @INSANE-INSIDE you're right 😊

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @James-MCcabe truth be told 😊

  • Truth is the best if u wanna make heaven guys
    Take note

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    @Scottish definitely on point as always. 👍😊

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