What do you know about the fifth nature of force, might be a new chapter into the physics.

  • Excited to know about it before i die,may be a breakthrough into the physics . May be challenging to the old theories. May be more precise and accurate.
    5th nature of force

  • @Bill-Dhivid I dunno

  • @Bill-Dhivid Since I major in environmental engineering, I almost forgot all about physics. I don't even remember the complete 4 forces of nature. Gravitational and its 3 friends, I guess.. It would be interrested to know the fifth. Is it the most powerful force in the universe?

  • @kaia_ it's really nice domain of study, we need environmental engineers.
    It's a mysterious force we're talking about which has been observed and experienced during some experimentations by a team of Institute for Nuclear Research in Hungary. The force is emerging from helium atom and the particles carrying it, they're calling X17.
    As you asked, there are four forces known to be act as pull/push in the nature discovered yet. They're gravitational 👍, electromagnetic + two nuclear( strong interaction & weak interaction).

  • @Samir770 that's ok buddy, the new force claimed to be experienced during a nuclear test in Hungary. It's not the first time, the same team claimed it earlier in 2015-16. They kept working on it and may be there's another dimension study can be carried out by it. Also the researchers say it might be helpful in the study of dark matter too.

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