• Talk about PETSSS!!!

  • @jaspergeli lol no problem or hesitation. I just adopted a 9 year old sulcate tortoise and he's a little over 60 lbs. his name is Nazgul, name after the race of dragons in lord of the rings. his spikes reminded me of a dragon so that's where he got his name. he also has cute little butt spikes<3. I adopted him from the humane society, his previous owners were uninformed and very uneducated on sulcatas, so they didn't realize he was going to get so big. he's the size of a normal tire, and he's very curious and tentative. he loves snacks and adventuring around the yard. he also really loves shell rubs and wiggles his butt when he gets them. if anyone needs tips or advice on owning/taking care of one id be glad to tell you all about the. lol as you can tell im very passionate about reptiles and their care. <3 <3 <3

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