Mistaken, misunderstood, misinterpreted and just plain not right

  • I was recently chastised by Admin for my words and actions that work based an incorrect assumption on my behalf that a friend had been banned from the site.
    Upon incorrectly assuming that person had been banned I immediately and frantically searched 4 additional ways to contact her. She was one of 500 people who actually cared about me and I did not want to lose contact with such a wonderful person.
    I found a link to another site where she could be found and sent her a message and then upon returning here I found out that she was not banned and that it was a mistake on my behalf. I informed her that I was just glad she wasn't banned and told her I left her a message on the other site. I then 💋ed her and informed her that if she wasn't already spoken for I would kiss her all over..
    Our friendship never had anything to do with sex. I never intentionally meant for it to be sexual it was just a tease meant as a joke sort of, definitely not sexual in nature but definitely sexually suggestive. That was wrong on my behalf I was misunderstood and was reported for sexual misconduct and stalking.
    I sincerely hope that no one takes offense by any of my actions. I'm not here to do anyone any harm nor to stalk them. If I'm doing anything you do not like at any time all you have to do is ask me to stop. I do not want to offend anyone. I will not go where I'm not wanted.
    My friend and I were not close, but it saddens me know that I no longer have that particular person in my life.
    you know who you are and if you read this thread I want to sincerely apologize for offending you in any way. My comment was meant more as a teasing joke than an enticement. I thought about it when I posted it and I should have corrected it then.
    I'm not sure that my life can get any more depressing at the moment it was bad enough before this that's why she cared. Now it's worse.
    I was wrong for my actions for the words that I used. I'm sorry for that but I am so much more sorry for the loss have a true friend and a good person.

  • I minor correction she was not one of 500 people who cared she was the only one of 500 people that cared

  • @wet-teri Oh my, I was in the thread... Sorry to hear that was such a long story!
    Hope you are better now

  • @Linette
    I'm still hurting heart broke and sad. 😓

  • @Linette said in Mistaken, misunderstood, misinterpreted and just plain not right:

    @wet-teri Oh my, I was in the thread... Sorry to hear that was such a long story!
    Hope you are better now

    Yes you are correct that is indeed the thread that started my chast ization

  • @wet-teri You are one of the, if not the most horny man on here that I've found. Well done! Keep up the good work!

  • @jackwin9
    I just can't help myself 😋

  • @wet-teri haha right on man, right on!