• So I finally got the chance to make an appointment with an orthopedic for next Tuesday for my hand/wrist injury that occurred in July. I have been dealing with a lot of other stuff between many other appointments and also needing to get thing's moving to move out and find a new home since our landlord passed away in october and our new landlord is kicking us out.

    In July I was sitting on the floor hanging out with my friends and went to push myself off the floor to get up and get a drink when doing so I heard and felt a pop in my wrist then had a lightning bolt pain shoot up my arm. Since then my wrist has been sore and stiff I can't bend it up or down that well I can't really lift anything even mildy heavy without having a pain shoot up my arm. I am leaning towards a scapholunate ligament tear but I am not 100% on that.

    Anyways the pain was so bad last night and my wrist was more stiff than it has been so I decided to take a trip down to the hospital. I was hoping they would give me something that could help with my pain until I get to see my orthopedic next week even just as simple as a stronger dose of ibuprofen than the one's I got here. The doctor came in and saw me with all my tattoos and being thin and right away said " I am not giving you pain killers for a 7 month old injury" I was a little shocked but also a little pissed off but I remained calm and I told her I never asked for narcotics all I wanted was a stronger dose of ibuprofen to hold me over. She gave me a bit of an attitude and said we are done here, so I thought that was the end of it and that I was leaving now but than another nurse came in and said she was taken me to get an X-ray done and I told her alright but I already had an X-ray done before a few months back and it showed no sign of any bone issue so I believe it is a soft tissue problem. I was at least hoping for an MRI at best to maybe put my mind at ease a little bit but they did not give me one.

    Point being my pain is about a 8 or 9 at the moment and because I have tattoo's and I am thin they assumed right away that I was just a junkie looking for drugs to get high off of or sell. But if they would have read my past history back in october when I went in for the kidney stone and the doctor tried given my pain killers for that I actually refused because I actually didn't feel pain so I felt there was no reason to take them. I get doctors deal a lot with people lying to get narcotics so it's hard to tell but don't judge a book by it's cover just because someone is thin and has tattoos does NOT mean they are a junkie. This is the reason why I would rather suffer for as long as possible with my pain then see a doctor about it. I don't need them assuming who I am and what I do just because I have body art and happen to be thin. It's just rude.

  • The problem is with people. They let themselves to judge others without knowing a single thing about them. They just see the tattoos and say ' yeah he is not a good person' and even treat someone bad cause of it. This is not right and I assure you these things happen everywhere in the world.

  • BUT not all people. Some are like this. Just please nobody take any bad meaning of what I said

  • @Ryiya That's nuts man... I'm sorry you have to deal with that sort of thing. Those health professionals sound anything but professional. They should know better... Hearing this type of malpractice is extremely disheartening. I hope you can hang in there and get better soon or find someone on your social media that may have had recent dental procedures whom were given pain meds recently. Best of luck

  • @Littlelion12 I am just trying to tolerate the pain until my appointment tuesday. Even typing is painful so I am mostly using one hand for the time being.

  • @Ryiya 😔 mm I wish there was some way to help ease the pain

  • @Littlelion12 I've just been taken a bunch of the OTC acetaminophen's my boyfriend has and I have medical marijuana which neither has honestly helped at all so far. Also tried a hot wash cloth but it ended up cold very fast so that also wasn't much help. I can't say for sure that it is a ligament tear my family doctor keeps thinking it's carpal tunnel but I heard a pop in my hand when this happened. Could be just a very bad pinched nerve as well. All I know at this point is the water pressure from my shower when it hits it makes it feel like tiny bullets or metal beads are smacking into my hand so I can't keep it under there. And even lifting something as light as a can of soda sends a lightning bolt kind of pain up my entire arm. It's weird because it happened 7 months ago the first few weeks it hurt a lot but then after that the pain kind of varied from mild to severe and just the last week it seemed to flare up to the worst pain I've had since it first happened. For a while it wasn't that bad and I thought it finally was done with until I went to open the door at the gas station and my wrist bent back then that pain shot up my arm again. People stared at me because I started yelling fuck over and over again.

  • @Ryiya geez that's rough :/ You heard a pop and nothing else you tried was able to ease the pain and some of the things you tried ended up hurting more sounds both stressful and frustrating I can't imagine!

  • @Littlelion12 Well I just got some prescription anti inflammatories off my boyfriend's ex wife tonight it seemed to help a tiny bit not fully but more than anything else.