What was something you saw you were definitely not supposed to see?

  • What was something you saw you were definitely not supposed to see?

  • I saw my uncle and his wife kissing each other when I suddenly opened their door of their room in my grandpa's funeral

  • When I was a kid, I saw someone take the left hand turn in our high street far too quickly, mount the curb, and briefly pin a kid against a wall with his car bonnet. He backed up, checked the kid was OK, gave him some cash (I think it was a fiver, or a tenner), then drove off again. I should've taken the guy's number plate and grassed him up to 5-O ...but I couldn't be bothered (also, probably, I was jealous of the £5).

  • @imNotAPotatoChip Great topic, by the way.

  • I want to see something I am definitely not supposed to see. Might be fun.

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Topic is really nice, but I think taking out the childhood memories - isn't the best idea. It rather better to let them being covered by dust in the box.

  • I like it when @spaceboy gets pragmatic.

  • I sawwwwww True Tears

  • @imNotAPotatoChip
    When i looked at the mirror in the early morning

  • @imNotAPotatoChip Sometimes certain incidences can really open your eyes wide apart when you may feel like you never knew winking.... I live in a country where more number of children are born in slums than those in the castles. I was visiting a friend's house near a slum when I chose to venture a short cut to his place. It was raining heavily and I was trying to avoid getting drenched. In one hand I had my umbrella covering my head and with the other hand I was holding a bunch of college notes in a way that they can be saved from water. What I saw all of a sudden made me realize how privileged I was in my life — I found two little kids trying to eat some wasted food from a bowl that was left outside for dogs. I cannot exactly describe my immediate reaction — on one side I was feeling like vomiting due to the unhygienic sight and on the other I was feeling pity for those little kids. And today I feel bad for something I could have done but I didn't do. I kinda ignored what I saw and went straight away to my friend's place. As it was raining, I chose my own convenience over being humane. I wish I bought some food for those kids that day and gave them to eat. I had seen these kids maybe for only a few seconds but their hunger and expressions were as sharp as a steel knife that left a deep impression in my memory. That scene kept haunting me for days together. It was certainly something I never expected to see.

  • @imNotAPotatoChip in the pouring rain during a domestic, my dad trying to back over my mom on the ground with the car

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