• Lazy , Lonely & Carzy.
    How would you define your introversion???? Would like to know some answers..

  • Loneliness is a beautiful aspect, as it allows us to further define and value companionship.
    To know loneliness is to miss companionship, to miss companionship is to properly value those interactions.

    "Introversion", like any other words, is just what it is, a word, there's "scientific" attributions sure, however, not definitively meant to be viewed from public to categorize states of being.

    I would like to share, an intimate moment of realization within my past.

    There is no interest in going to "parties", nor go out, have a good time, get drinks, go movies. etc. The "stereotypical" of the norm of what "outgoing, socializing, normal" people do.
    Curiously, wondering what all the "fuss" is about, I attend a few.
    After parties of parties and a "rap performance" hosted at some club.

    It is at these parties, that I realize, "this is so boring". It seems that majority were there to let off steam and have some r&r time from their daily lives.
    Their discussions usually contain "what happened last Friday" or "what's happening next week to be attended". Which just aren't my typical conversations as I find them passing hollows small talk to pass the time.

    and of course, this is subjective. These are party goers, living social life, and they really enjoy it. It was really refreshing to see others enjoy aspects of "extrovert". However, these were just different people whom enjoy different thing is all. One could attribute the word "extrovert or socialist" to them, binary label serves little purpose in this manner.

    In light of this realization, conversations/communications/connectivity with others stem from similarities and common interests. Finding others whom share those interest with you is a difficulty everyone have, extrovert outgoing people as well.

    Think to all the people you have come to known within your own life, how many have actually "won you over" in sense of "wow, this person is definitely someone I would like to converse and possibly spend more time with".

    It's a rarity for all of us. We only see small slices of time frame within others lives, so we may think that "introversion" is a curse and reason in why we aren't able to socialize on the same level.

    Rest assured, every person you seen and met, they all share feelings of "Lazy, Lonely & Carzy" at some point, and just as frequent.

    To end this long post, "some people enjoy their own company more than the company of others".
    If there's contentment with that, great. If there's not enough stimulating communication within one's day to day, well, to know what one is looking for is essential to finding it.

    Too often are youngsters believing "if I manage to fall in love, to find a best friend, accomplish ____. Everything else will fall into place, life will be better, etc etc."

    Reality is more beautiful than that simplicity.

  • Sleep..... Yeah

  • @Thewildchild actually which are best for man as husband, introvert/extrovert? Both are able to change

  • I don't know what I want

  • @ika_virgo sometimes introvert, sometime extrovert, in the middle i guess

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    broo you should available people to talk to you as you are instructor lol

  • this is deep

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