Users of chatrooms, why do you enjoy spending time on this website rather than another social media platfrom ?

  • Welcome dear reader,

    Through this post, I'm trying to have a general idea on what keeps this website alive. Oftentimes, I keep coming back here for some virtual interaction with strangers, and as much as some lovely users here do make the experience enjoyable, it's still unfathomable for me that some of you prefer this platform rather than, let's say facebook, TSOL or any other social media for that matter. I'd like to know how many of you have jobs, and come here only to vent and relax a bit after work. How many of you are teens and just want to waste their time here as they haven't figured out what contribution they can offer this world where anti-vax mothers still exist.

    If you want to participate, simply answer below and I'm sure we can get people to interact with each other through this post. By no means should you keep things light, dark humour is very much welcome in this post, feel free to make use of your self-deprecating sense of humour.

    Cya in the comments!

  • @Fentanyl i will be simple and straight. The first thing that led me to this site was "chatting with strangers"lol, and of course ANONIMITY lol.
    i wasn't sure about this site at first, but later i found out that this is a very good platform for many reasons. one reason would be sharing contents and interactive with beautiful and genuine people. :face_savouring_delicious_food:

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    I found talking to strangers easier. They don't know me and won't judge me. I can be the real me cause It doesn't matter what strangers think of me!!!! I can share my bitter experiences here without any worry that nobody will like me after this or they will start looking at me differently. I don't enjoy seeing others suffer from something in their lives but when I see similar things or even worse happened to people here, I feel I am not alone. I try me best to help as much as I can with the little I know because there were some here who helped me through some hard times and I know this my duty to be here and help others. AS a HUMAN

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    As you know but a lot of users might not know I am not a teen. I come to this website for lots of various reasons and I meet a lot of pretty darn cool people here.
    Some of that is sexual in nature some is not.
    And no matter how hard I try still Time after Time guys will message me or add me and still after three or four or five messages I asked them always you do know that I'm a man that wears dresses and lingerie right? Click by. Occasionally they are polite and say no thanks or something along those lines but for the most part they're just horny males not paying attention and only using their blood to run the little head. Certainly not your fault nor the websites.

  • @wet-teri Hello Teri! Yes! Blood does pump through the veins of our erect penises, for the same purpose it pumps into our circle of Willis : keeping things warm and alive, for muscles do need nutrients.

    Your comment is interesting, it seems that you find some solace in attracting those guys don't you? May I ask what made you first attracted to crossdressing ? Was it your love for Louboutin?

  • @Lucky-Dude Why does your tongue stick out ? Do those same beautiful and geniune people taste good ?

  • @Fentanyl lol no, that was mistake. i wanted to put another emoji

  • @Lucky-Dude Unlucky dude.

  • @Fentanyl comeon, how does it make me unlucky, lol.... dont be childish lol

  • @Lucky-Dude Sarcasm isn't your forte, now is it ?

  • @Fentanyl it is, but learn how to do it... lol

  • @Lucky-Dude Teach me senpai

  • @Fentanyl you will learn eventually, dont worry, have

  • Soul Searchers

    I don't really know I've been cross-dressing since I was a small child probably around 5 and it was sexual then to and I don't know what Lou boutin or whatever that word was is

  • I have a job.. not an exciting one. it does fare quite well plus the schedule perfectly accommodates for my schooling so I am content.. I keep very busy in actuality.. I strongly believe time to be of immeasurable value- once it's gone it can never be regained so I prefer to use it to the fullest extent. that being said.. I really don't know how I have managed to invest so much of that time on this site.. I have enjoyed it so far.. I'm not sure how it measures up against other social media, never been a big fan of it all.. I tend to be somewhat of a loner (by choice). I enjoy dark humour and fluent sarcasm and for some sad reason, these qualities are still not easily found in most people, in the real world.. but online.. my, oh my! we all simply present ourselves, don't we..?

  • Soul Searchers

    I come here to sometimes explore and sometimes vent. I play a bit sexually but that's not my main focus.
    It's like being in a coffee shop having random conversation. I miss that. I miss no one thinking I'm trying to steal their purse or sell Amway or Mary Kay.

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    First of all..You are awesome.
    I liked the perspective in which you thought about this situation..

    And yeah.. teens need to understand that they are not just mere chess pieces on a 'world chess board'
    Just moving around knocking each other from it..getting fallen in traps laid out against each other..getting 'Castled' for no particular reason..

    We need to understand that this issue is a global one and we have to unite and contribute as much as we can against this cause..

    Most of the teens here don't know that they are being led into a vicious trap of predators around them who can exploit them for their own , and often malicious, benefits..

    So yeah..I agree with you completely and you do have an intellectual potential of understanding today's teens..

    Hoping for a hot and warm conversation ..

    With love

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