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    Just asking..
    Like everyone has an inspiration or an idol..
    We want to be like that particular person at some point in our life..
    So just asking..


    maybe u don't have any person in mind who might be your inspiration..
    So in that case what are your ideas regarding various issues and if you get a chance...then how will you like to change the world?

    Your aims, aspirations et cetera..
    Hoping for an interesting conversation with you guys...

    With love

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    @anythingwhatever I dream of a church on a beach,
    Where all go to preach
    I think of that beautiful beach,
    Which I know is beyond my reach

    I dream of a nation
    Without any dissension
    Where peace and prosperity rules
    Over the ocean blues

    I dream of taking a risk
    Of touching the blazing asterisk
    Although it is only a dream
    I wish to travel the realm

    I have a dream
    To eat an icy cream
    Which is far more luscious that any treat
    In this human world of greed

    I dream that I'm Megaman
    Soaring the skies like Superman
    Yet as sharp as Batman
    Mixed with the humor of Spiderman

    I know my delusion
    Is nothing but a mere illusion
    Yet to realize them I'll try my best
    And on God I leave the rest

  • Music Lovers

    Nailed it man!

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