• Are you addicted? If you feel you ain't, rethink if you are. Let's be empathetic rather than being abusive in our nature. Watch this wonderful interpretation by Dr Gabor Mate You may wish to share your pains in this thread — the ones that you believe has put you into the trance of an addiction. Remember that we're all strangers here and that we've come here to share our problems with people who don't know us. We can make TWS a wonderful hub for sharing our pains with others and therefore heal ourselves. You might end up sharing a problem in your life that someone else might have faced earlier and, thereby, have an appropriate solution.

  • That's quite a nice topic here, but I don't think, that many people would show their addiction.

    I'll start then

    I think I'm addicted from PC games. There wasn't any day till know, that I wouldn't be playing even for a 10 minutes. If it's not PC, then I'm taking my phone, and I'm playing on it.

    Of course, I'm not using it at work, or somewhere, when I'm out with friends, but still I think it is addiction.

    Maybe it sounds stupid, because there are a lot of worse addiction (drugs, alcohol, etc), but still...

    I think it's a really nice topic, and maybe some other people will share their addiction, and maybe we could help each other out 😊😉

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