People of TWS, we need to have a conversation.

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    @sarah_the_magpie said in People of TWS, we need to have a conversation.:

    tbh blocking solves nothing. back in october, i was harassed by a user who wrote insulting replies to my every comment for at least a week. i blocked him, but it didn't stop him from writing the replies. i flagged him and i was told by a mod that he was allowed to do it, and i was a jerk for flagging him.

    I’m sorry on behalf of whomever mod did that.

    so no, blocking doesn't work.

    it would be nice if the global mods actually enforced the Community Rules & Content Policies. i've occasionally mentioned these rules in my flag descriptions, just to remind you guys that they exist

    Okie dokie

    thanks for replying tho. you and @div are the only global mods who cared enough to respond. even if my tone is negative, i do appreciate it.


    i guess the other mods don't feel like these issues are a problem, which makes it easier to tell whose side they are on.

    They do think that these issues are a problem, and we are finding a solution as we speak.

  • @Nibba_Nibby Facebook and instagram are not business sites. They have options to create a business account but they are not business sites in themselves. They are social media websites. Sure some people believe being "Instagram" famous is a real job but it really isn't.

    I understand that no one can force someone to continue to remain where they no longer want to be. But I also get wanting to keep this place from turning into well, Tinder.

    You could possibly be "smart" but at age 12 your brain is still developing you won't know for sure just how smart you really are until you are 25 years old.

    A moderator is suppose to be a neutral party which means they are not suppose to choose another person's side just because they are close or have created a friendship with the person who is in the wrong. Choosing to leave because the con's outweigh the pro's is a choice yes but it also puts all the negatives into light for other people to start questioning it. It is alright to have an opinion of your own. But don't be a dick about it. You are 12 so maybe one day you will learn how the real world works.

    Also, Some websites do pay their moderators depending on skill set and experience. Now I am not sure if this site does or not but I am not going to assume they are and I am also not going to assume they aren't. Either way they willingly signed up to participate in being a moderator, So they should not show favoritism towards certain people or abuse their powers.

  • @Ayesha_hana said in People of TWS, we need to have a conversation.:

    1 . They can keep like strikes in baseball , like if a person is reported more than 3 times , he gets removed


    2 . Can keep a photo verification to avoid catfishing

    There are many legit users, who aren't comfortable losing the anonymity online, hence it is not a viable option. But rest assured, we have our ways to make sure who's genuine and who isn't.

    1. Moderators should be able to not receive texts from unknown people

    can you elaborate a bit more on that?

    1. This site is basically running because of the regular users , so we can all join together to idk threaten the tws admin that we will leave. 😅

    Many come many go. Everyone you see around you, they arent here for the long run, just another tourist in the motel, no point doing that, trust me 😉

  • @Gemini_Beta you mean like we have in the White House and Congress?

  • @mikeJB said in People of TWS, we need to have a conversation.:

    @Gemini_Beta i also forgot OLD

    Nah just young hot straight white dudes circle jerking, lets turn this place into an online fraternity.

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    @Desian expose that dude now🤣🤣

  • Freedom Writers Music Lovers

    @Desian hahaha, I really dont mean to laugh but the fact that it's obviously not a female is honestly hilarious

    Mission failed, we'll get em next time bois

  • Music Lovers

    @Silhouette This is very important. All the flags go to mods inbox so they can see them right away. Thanks for playing your part!

  • @Akkii That dude I blocked now because he never sent the photo so obviously I was correct about him. His name is Shaina24 so be aware.

  • @TalkWithStranger Well then something is not working properly because I have a lot of people messaging me that I do not follow back. They follow me I do not follow them.

  • @Akkii Yep. But now that I found out about that option lol should be less to deal with now.

  • @Nibba_Nibby Nah I am not interested in talking to an uneducated 12 year old child. Definitely not when I am explaining thing's as polite as possible and still have the person be rude about it. I was also explaining actual facts that the brain literally does not fully develop until age 25 if you don't believe me look it up for yourself and start educating yourself. But of course you want to try and be a smartass because you were probably inbred. Anyways there is no further need after this to respond to anymore of your responses since they are all childish and I am not going to waste my time you're not my kid so you're not my problem.

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    @Nibba_Nibby i kinda agree with you but do look at my suggestions too and thrash mine as well🤣🤣🤣🤣 and not everyone likes to see the dark side like you and me and few others do so it's okay of they demand for a cleanup at this place....😈😈

  • @Nibba_Nibby Hey. You made Sarah leave. Go fuck yourself bro.

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    @sarah_the_magpie just ignore the ones you don't like...what about the rest of the ones that like you to be here? And supporting you in this battle that you started...even tws responded appreciating your efforts as they also agree that some things need to change... don't give up on us yet if you don't have to

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    @WtfPoutindith i understand your point and apologize for not understanding the hard work you guys are already doing to make this place better everyday...

  • @Nibba_Nibby Mmm she turns me wild that Nibba_Nibby: Mmm sleep with the V̴O̵I̷D̵ I'll make ya feel like the princess you truly are mmmmm I'll make you my new girlfriend mmyyess

  • @Akkii improvement is needed when people know what to do and what kind of improvement they should implement. @Global-Moderators @Live-Chat-Moderators have done such a great thing as far as i concern.
    But again, it depends of USERS. What kind of users in a site have or what kind of topics they brought will influence others.
    We dont have some men powers here or even a single person who lead us to do something better. We are all mess. So? What kind of expectations this Maggie or some users are too high, it is not even a disney movie. Do you think, you can stay and have happily ever after in the end story?
    Lets straight it up, you cant control people but you can try to do your best to make them realize, it is even better as long as you have a friend who completely understand you more than anything you have. Thats my thought. Say it compassion and kindness.
    @Jessssss if you ever read this comment, i learned it from you.

  • @pe7erpark3r yes bud, its the default.

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