If you could view everything anyone has ever said about you, would you want to know?

  • Random hypothetical question. If it were possible for you to view everything anyone has ever said about you - and view who said it- and when they said it. Would you want to know? Why or why not?

    Personally I would want to know, I'd want to know who i can trust, who I can let go of, and who i need to apologize to.. But that means I'd have to view the negative things said too, it wouldn't be easy, because we're all the bad guy in someone's story,

    what about you?

  • Personally, I don't care about what people say about me ... But, I would like to know who to apologize to so I can fix it.

    Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  • @Lindsey No. I'm pretty sure I already know who I can trust; my intuition is decent, and besides, people change and grow for better or worse anyway so something somebody said (for example) 5 years ago is not a reflection on whether they have your back now. There are other ways I would rather spend my time than worrying about this.

    Absolutely love the question, thank you 😊

  • @Lindsey Yes! Most definitely. Lol. 😂

  • I'd be tempted to know everything but I'd leave it alone. The vain part of me is curious about all the people who were ever attracted to me but concurrently I care too much what others think so maybe things are better left unsaid. I judge myself too much as it is.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @Lindsey I would 👍🏻 Although I’d risk the chance of getting hurt emotionally, I could just hurt them back physically 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Lindsey I think i would leave that one well alone lol. I'm pretty sure i know who thinks well and who thinks ill of me. I know my misdeeds so I know where the negative opinions are and they would be deserved. And my circle of friends are all pretty open and honest, we stab each other in the chest not the back 😁


    @Lindsey that is a great question. I would want to know too but some of it I am sure would eat me up inside. But I still would rather know than not.

  • Yes and No. I would but then I might do something for hearing what bad things they say about me. I have a bad temper.😊😋😂

  • yes. i thrive on brutal honesty

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    oh yes, definitely. i feel like it would make my life a lot easier. no more trust issues :D

  • Yep, I'd wanna know, but it's still a hard choice 😵

  • @Lindsey I would think the same as you wich would be better in generaly i am someone who don't trust easly cause of past storys and i really have a hard time believing someone over the network...or in generaly also in my irl life but i keep being curious about the things others saying about me and i know there are a lot of negative comments and i go on , moving on is the best i can do in this way .. and in normaly when someone decide to say bad things about me i am really hard and kick them out my friendship list cause if they feel bad beside me and being with me they 're no friends i want to trust anymore i think i get your point Lady

  • @Lindsey
    I don't.

  • @Lindsey To be honest i don't care whether people hate me or love me.But still i wanna know what people think about me for two reasons
    1.If they hate me for a valid reason i will try to correct that shotcoming of mine to
    avoid being hated.
    2.To know whether that person meant harm to me or planning something evil
    against me so that i know whether to avoid that person or not or take necessary
    measures for it.

  • I think I would not. I would always be looking for an explanation of exactly what they meant by saying any particular thing and a snapshot in time wouldn't have all that information.
    I guess I would love to hear honest acclaim and criticism but who can take the advice of anyone that doesn't first glorify you?

  • i would love to know. That way i will know who my true friends are

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