• I have, though I never actually punched that person. So, if you have something like this, write it here and release that tension before you punch someone.

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    @jackie-green My maths teacher told me my results so i wanted to punch her :P

  • I have this friend she fell in love with some guy and when she occasionally asks for advice I used help her, then one day she call me crying saying he shouted at her and threatened to beat her, me naturally being an Idiot asked her to stay away from him or if gets too bad to break up. We spend next few hours talking about how he is bad guy and wants to model her after his ex. and when we are about to say good bye she says I will break up and show him my bad side. I say its okay and think may be I helped someone get out of an abusive relationship and the a couple of days later on valentines I see her posting all the gooey mushy stuff for him. I never wanted to punch anyone more.

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    @jackie-green Hell yeah. So i was going out with this dude in Brazil. Keep in mind, I was fifteen and crazy hormonal after being pregnant. So what happened was I went to a party with a few dudes. Yeh, not even my friends, just some dudes from school. I drank and partied and had hella fun. This dude kept coming up behind and grabbing my ass, making comments bout how he would fuck me even tho I had a daughter. Then when I refused he started yellin all sorts of shit bout giving my fat pregnant ass a chance to be with a real man. And i looked him straight in the eyes (straight, even. Tho I was most definitely drunk), and said, “You have ten seconds before I put my drink down and crush your nose in.” Now now, if anyone ever hit a girl in Brasilia, you got your ass kicked, eve if the chick deserved it. But if he had walked away, he would be seen as a pussy. So he just stayed. And hell yeh, i ended up punching him. Had a broken nose and busted balls.

    I aint sorry at all

  • When the a woman that interviewed me told me I had issues 👿
    *offended laugh "excuse me?"

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    @harold-finch lmao tips fedora toff you

    thumbs up

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    @jackie-green awwww yayyy!!!!! Thx 💚 <(•.•<)


  • @willoww You are a hero....

  • @willoww You are definitely one of my favorite people on this site.

  • @harold-finch I guess that some guys have that affect on women, but if he does threaten or hurt her again just call the police.

  • @jackie-green Sure thing.
    Love can be dumb blind and deaf all it wants I don't want her to be one.

  • @harold-finch Then, you should probably tell her that, and go with her when she breaks up with him so that she doesn't get swept in again.

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    i dont know, when i know someone is lying to my face i feel like punching them

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