• How many idiots do you have to go through to find genuine people who like to chat.
    I’m a male soon as you say that they are gone. Or if a woman know your a male they disappear because most of the males are here to talk about there sexual preferences and needs
    Why is it that hard to have a civil conversation about anything without having to resort to sexual preferences
    I’m a genuine guy that like to have a conversation with men and ladies from all over the world

  • @blue-eyes haha that's the trick blue eyes, patience is your friend here my man. You'll soon learn who's who, who you can get a good conversation with that doesn't turn sexual every 2 minutes. There's lots of good folks here, you'll find them!

  • you can see their posts and replies first. It's usually clear that the person is here for what.

  • @blue-eyes 1 or maybe 1 billion iditos to find one genius who knows ? it's not said how long it will take or how many you need to find someone right..

  • Gamers

    cuz thats often what guys want. perhaps dont start the chat with asl or just m? maybe ask what they like to do or state your hobbies and ask them a question. instead of just having one word be typed type sentences and engage. personall when males wanna talk its always about sex and nothing else. i too wanna find someone to talk to just not about sex 24/7 you know?

  • Well, I gave myself names of women so at least I can have a talk without being skipped XD

  • @Crazy-Nerd I am there not thinking about sex 24/7 a day because i have something else to do and i don't mind talking a good talk :)

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    @Hyde what are your hobbies and interests? most people dont even know what they like to do for some reason. its a great way to have a conversation. i agree with op here actually. i wish there was a way to know who wants an actual conversation and who jsut wants to be spoon fed entertainment and jack off.

  • I always start the conversation off like this:

    So I watch a lot of porn...

  • ok , now imma say something. lyndseys post was all about RESPECT. thats what people dont get. catcalls and shit are gonna happen. for some reason men seem to think with what is between their legs. i dont think girls can avoid catcalls and the like, men get it too, just not as much.

    this is where it should end though. WHEN THE PERSON SAYS STOP/NOT INTERESTED/NO. once they have made themselves known as well as their feelings, then you have your answer AND YOU STOP! even if you have it in half way and are about to cum! otherwise IT IS RAPE! if men would just remember that going forward, they would be fine with women. lay your boundaries out first.

    here is a quick story. tell me what is wrong with this picture. sadly many dont see it. i came from a violent family situation. my dad was a bastard to my mom an di will leave it at that. my mom told me this once because i was young and never knew it. "your father and i were sleeping one night and i was tired. i didnt feel in the mood . your father didnt care and forced himself on me and in me. i knew i couldnt say anything or he would get violent. i just tried to keep sleeping until he was done. i called the cops after that when he was asleep and i told the i was raped. they said by who. i told them my husband. they said HOW CAN YOU BE RAPED YOU ARE MARRRIED?

    ponder that a moment

  • @pardis2001 said in @How many idiots does it take to find genuine people:

    you can see their posts and replies first. It's usually clear that the person is here for what.

    ^^^this one here

  • @blue-eyes u know the world is not full of arseholes but they are strategically placed so that u'll come across one every day, like every fucking day

  • @blue-eyes hang in there.. the real recognize the real.