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    @mikeJB The Bible is accurate. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

    However, it would be wise not to confuse meekness with humility or servility.

    Meekness is about knowing your limits, knowing what you're capable of and purposefully seeking out ways to channel your spiritual strength into creativity and goodwill.

    Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control."

  • @Silhouette meek=humble

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    you sound like a fascist, not gonna lie

  • @sarah_the_magpie I mean many of the things you've listed have been known to have bad results. I forget you said this but "peace cannot be kept by force, it must be achieved through understanding". I believe that i would take something that has never been thought of before. A genius idea that somehow makes the truths of life easy for hard headed humans to understand, if that makes sense. The reason i feel so strongly that there HAS to be a way to get humanity living the way it was meant to. Numerous noteable genius philosophers have said things hinting, to sum it up, that most humans have been taught to favor their human or emotional side of them which never ends up good. "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups". I feel like the solution to the problem will include a step by step process/plan, that will not be able to be completely achieved in our life times. However people today can plant the seed knowing that someday future generations will be able to enjoy the shade. So many people jump so quickly to saying its impossible, and then continue bashing me until I eventually surrender to their need to be right. Until i realized like what the fuck lol, why are you putting down a person whos only goal is to try and make the world a better place for everyone? So intelligent right? i feel like the intelligent human would embrace me, maybe not believing its possible, but humoring me anyways as to keep me optimistic? Anyways, I have been thinking lately that the first step in this process would be to come up with a plan to enlighten people that their own brains have them fooled into thinking they are doing things the right way, when its all just a very persistent illusion for them. Imagine with me for one second, if every single person on the planet this second, had an epiphany that peace was the answer because really it is lol no matter what you say, the only thing in our way of true peace is us. Stupid ignorant human beings. #unitehumanity! lol

    "knowing your true self is the beginning of all knowledge" - Aristotle
    " a Problem is not exactly the problem, it is the other side of the opportunity. The problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking when it was created. A new level of thinking is required to solve any problem. ... Means new information can change our way of thinking about the situation.

    "without deviation from the norm, change is simply not possible"
    "man is the only creature that refuses to be what it is"
    "life is really simple, humans insist on making it complicated"

    "How Wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world!"

    Thank you for reading if you did read the whole thing, As always i really appreciate your feed back and again you made some very valid points. One thing I will say is that why would we have to disarm anybody? In the land of world peace i feel like their would be no possibility of any human harming another, we will have finally learned thats just not how you act 😛 the way i see it is the world now is a world of adult children and (behavior wise), and post world peace a world of mature adults . Have a wonderful day!

  • @B3r1n Thank you for your views, lets make common sense common again!

  • @nykate2490 You misunderstand. I wasn't focusing on the world peace discussion at all when I wrote that. I had seen some narrow-minded post, for lack of a better word, and decided to throw out some points and theories to hopefully move the conversation forward. I read your post about world peace and thought it was great, very well thought out, and agree with you.

  • @nykate2490

    Taking a poll on who believes whether or not world peace is achievable. Please in your comment begin with your vote yes or no, and leave one to two sentences briefly stating your case.

    Theoretically, yes. Practically, no.

    Humans have always fought over tribal differences. Tribal identity can be based on tribe, ethnicity, language, religion etc. It is not possible to stop people from being tribal. But it is possible to replace the tribal identity by some new tribal identity.

    I also believe that some people are naturally trouble makers who will always create troubles.

    To make the world more peaceful, the ethnolingual and ethnic differences within people are to be erased and they need to be united under a common eternal hereditary tribal identity. For example, a highly organized religion.
    But it will never happen.

  • @nykate2490 Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it. Just read you haven't slept in a while writing some papers. Feel free to follow me so we don't have to keep tracking post down to reply.

  • to sum it up from a book "the most dangerous game"

    "man is the most dangerous animal". why? because he knows better and still does it anyway

  • @mikeJB but do they truly know better? what if all the worlds problems are a result of the majority of people simply being misinformed? Don't get me wrong, i know what your saying. But I am a firm believer that every person is born equal with a blank slate, and their parents assume the responsibility of raising them properly. In other words if you feed a computer the wrong information, its not going to function properly. If you show a child a negative role model, the child is not going to function properly.

  • @nykate2490 man is fuled by his EGO . and most peopel with big egos are in power. they have the buttons at their disposal. they control the narrarative. and they make the rules. thats why you wont have peace. all the kids with flowers in their hands wanting peace can only shout it loud. those in power actually decide if that will happen. maybe one day that person in the Big Chair....is waiving a flower too 🙂

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr started his journey with just a dream. A dream of something that I am sure so many people told him was a hopeless cause. His persistence and courage proved them wrong. Before automobiles existed, if someone mentioned the idea of them, they would be told "yeah that will never happen". And so on.... you get the idea.. Nothing in history ever got accomplished by giving up.

  • @mikeJB a humans greatest victory, is the day they conquer themselves. men who are controlled by their ego have just not been raised properly. Having and ego is a sign of ill upbringing.

  • @nykate2490 my last point. Vietnam lasted 19 yrs! think about that. and all that time we had the hippies and kids holding flowers, and praying for PEACE. intentions were good. what was the problem? they were not the ones in power! the politicians were! jimi hendrix said this once : When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. good luck with that

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Gid all i will say is that information is all irrelevant when it comes to solving my world peace equation. Weather there is a supreme being or not, clearly hes not coming to our rescue, its time to all act like mature adults and treat each other with decency. We dont have to agree on where we came from, but i believe it IS safe to say we ALL came from the same place. The secret to this place is to find a way to unite earth, in a real way. Not by force.

  • @Antho_vn I honest believe we ALL had to come here to learn a lesson. Personally the lesson i am taking with me when i leave here is that, contrary to the desire for individualism, its about being together and helping each other. BUT FOR REAL I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK HOME!

  • @Silhouette YASSSSSSSSS YOU SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except your definition of what real power is. the people your referring to have false power, illusionary power. knowledge is power. They asked her, "What is true power?" She answered, "True Power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero & leader. It is when you share your truth with compassion & peace. Your power grows when you make progress in your freedom & vision. The powerful do not harm themselves or others, instead they use their energy to enrich all that they know with love." If was deturred by every immovable person I would never get anywheres lol. My epiphany occurred 10 years ago where major truths of this world were revealed to me, which honestly its a curse, do you really think i wanna argue with a bunch of people about it? Its really a drag, but thats actually what im doing right now right here, I am using all of the doubters and their arguments to hone my articulation of this idea so that i may eventually start simply explaining this process to people and having them comprehend it without to much difficulty.

    "The world is not a dangerous place to live because of the evil things people do, it is because of the people who CHOOSE to do nothing about it" knowing what i know now and having seen the things ive seen, i cant abandon this. But yes, those who you say are in power have power, but the (i have been calling them) misinformed outnumber them 1000000000 to 1. granted they would be the last to convert to better living for everyone, when the majority of the world starts to see the truth, their is nothing their "power" can do to stop it. The truth cannot change, it is still the truth even only one person believes it, this one person just has to figure out how to effectively inform fellow humans of the misinformation. and thennnnnnnn we graduate from "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups" to "a group of well informed people will make the best decisions" i'm not sure of the first one but the second one was ben franklin. I will give you props though you had some very good points and moreover i really appreciate you for taking the time to write some feedback!!! It is more helpful than you know.

    Problem is not exactly the problem, it is the other side of the opportunity. The problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking when it was created. A new level of thinking is required to solve any problem. ... Means new information can change our way of thinking about the situation.

    "The best thing you can do while we are here, is set a good example" - me 🙂

  • @Gid said in A philosophical discussion: YASSSSS GENIUS! so take what you said a little further... you said "if people realized" .... so then all you'd have to do is come up with an effective way to help people do the realizin!

    Thank you for your feed back!!!!!!!! I've found that you can tell the intellectuals clearly from the genius type thinking. Intellectuals take something simple and make them very complicated. A genius can take something complicated and make it very simple. (einsteins words not me)

    Thank you for your feedback really appreciate you taking your time to offer your input!!! I hope you have a great day!!

  • @Gid oh ok no worries! but thank you for clarifying!! never hurts to have more support!!! Also i would like to point out how you said "to move the conversation forward" I LOVE that. Moving this, idea if you will, forward is the only way anything will ever become of it! Hope you have a wonderful morning full of nothing but positive vibes! ❤

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