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  • Have our brains now become addicted to the internet? I would like a philosophical perspective on this

  • @astrobambina I think so, take tws for example. I already got addicted to this place, I even attempted to leave 10 times. The internet can be interesting, and people like things that interest them. When they keep doing the thing that interest them, that will get their brains to only focus on things like the internet, hence why some lose a lot of friends easily.

  • @goldie thanks what you say makes sense

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  • Do you put the cereal in first or the milk?
    I have spent years of research and there’s still no real answer this is actually how world war 2 started

  • @doukas how come babies spend 9 months in the womb but when they’re born they are 0?? 🤔🤔

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  • @astrobambina
    Yes very much addicted.
    But the addiction being good or bad depends upon what you do on the internet.
    Example: If you use it for scrolling fb,insta and watching nonsense, pornography, etc. Then its bad.
    But if you use it to learn a new language or to read BBC or to read quora or to watch intresting experiments on Youtube, i think thats a good addiction.

  • @chika
    I think putting cereals first will be a good idea because if you put milk first and drop cereals, you will spill the milk out and add an extra work for you.
    Eventually get late for your work,
    Get upset when your boss shouts for being late and then your day goes bad!!
    Aghhh see how important it is to put cereals first?

  • @doukas do you believe in dependant origination or in-dependant origination? Give logical answer

  • @chika hey pm me

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  • @t_hollow19 ahahahaha.... Well the actual question is: " Since when we shall consider a "baby" like a human? "-. In my opinion till the age of 2-3 it's not a human yet.

  • Is it cruel to breed impaired animals? Like pug and bulldog for the dogs "balloon" fishes such as "balloon" mollies and "balloon" pearl gouramis and the fancy goldfish...

  • @damncuteguy ok... We shall discuss in real time to come to a conclusion or simply to understand eachother, without putting there just opinions. So what I think is that, both on a philosophical and scientifc point of view, it's more logical to think according to the dependent origination. This reality is like an eternal circle, "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed"-. If you think that in-dependant origination has more sense then you are actually assuming that there is something behind the reality, something trascendental and I will never think in such a foolish way.... Bleahhh metaphysics... That's shit

  • @jaspergeli Give your definition of cruel. Anyway if two animals can reproduce themselves, like two different breeds of dogs, then, in my opinion, there is nothing cruel, it's nature. Even if a human does something about it, the only thing that I would, maybe, contest is that you shall not force two animals, same or different breed or species, it doesn't matter, to reproduce themselves.

  • @doukas haha, thanks, there's nothing to debate about, we have the same opinions. 🙂

  • @astrobambina Ok.... Prima di tutto parli italiano?
    If not I'd say, in first place, that your question is not actually answerable. I mean what do you mean by internet, all the virtual things? All social networks? Everything associated with technology? What exactly. Second what do you mean by addiction to our brain? You meant something like: " how is modern technology changing our mind? Does our mind get addicted to that technology? "-. And what do you mean by brain? How we reason or behave?
    If you remake the question, in order to solve the doubts I've just showed you, I'll try my best to answer.

    What I can say is that, for sure, our brain is stimulated, I mean the way technology stimulates both our way of thinking and behaving is something true. Our brain is "fascinated" by something that can reduce time and space so much, it's involved even on a intellectual level, I mean computer skills are something that require a lot of mathematical, logical and analytical thought. Our brain is like challanged by technology, not only to improve but also to "hack it", I mean sometimes it's a "who mock the other first", for example sometimes it's preferred not to solve the problem, but to bypass it. But whatever... probably that is not your question.