• I can hear sirens outside. They are coming to take me away. The police are after me for a crime I did not commit.

    I'm innocent! I didn't know that she didn't like it rough, I swear! I've had heterosexual sex billions of times, how was I supposed to know?? But nooo, the police are not interested in hearing my side of the story. They only ask questions like "Where is she?" and "Should we search the river?", they never ask questions like "How do you feel?"
    They. Are. HETEROPHOBES! Through and throughout!

    They.... they are coming up the stairs now. I can hear their filthy chatter, their baseless accusations echoing across the hallways. I won't go down without a fight. I will stand my ground and I will not lose my freedom.
    I am a level 34 heterosexual, I have powers beyond their wildest dreams.

    Stay strong, my cutiepies. I wish you all lots of SP = Straight Pride <3

  • I- wait wat

  • @AllAboutStraight said in They are closing in. I can feel it.:

    I am a level 34 heterosexual

    wow, now that's impressive!

  • @AllAboutGay I think homosexuality is a very intolerant orientation. There is no way for gay people to question their sexual orientation because doing so is questioning homosexuality. We all know what happens then, they typically throw you in prison for straightness or simply shoot you. For example, a heterosexual in a gay country gets gang raped by gay men. He reports it to the police. They throw him in jail for heterosexuality and sex outside of wedlock. So honestly I think that gay people in general need to rethink their orientation and morals.