• Yesterday yesterday, I did ma workout after that chatted to my best friend..and it was somewhat heated..think its the first time we have actually had an argument. Now it feels awkward as fuck. Which I hate. I'm not going into the details of it all. But I kind came here and made a profile because I'm feeling empty without talking. And when your autistic like me it was part of my routine. And now I don't feel that a person needs to talk to me 24/7 I don't. Just the odd hello I am happy. But now just feeling a wee void. I did send a message to her lastnight saying goodnight I got no response and I don't know to do. Or how to go about it. Do I just leave her and wait ot get back to me . Or just stew and simmer . I hate fucking feeling like this. She is as just stubborn as I am too. Banging ma head against wall.

  • This sucks, im going through this with my gf. We’re in the same room and not even talking. Its lonely. I hope it works out for you.

  • @lulitaa we are just best friends thats all ..she is the only one that really knows me inside out. Ive never had this with any other friendship. Sorry to hear about you and your gf. I hope all that you situation sorts it self too

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