• HUSBAND, love your wife. She hears only the voice of LOVE. That is the payment of her heart toward faithfully loving you.

    1. Never find fault with her before others.
    2. Remember the counsel of the Good Book: Her husband
      Shall praise her in the gates; before man
    3. Bear all her burdens for her; even then she'll bear more than you
      Do, despite you.
    4. If you want her to submit to your judgment, never ask her to submit to your selfishness.
    5. A woman's life comprises little things. Make her life happy by little courtesies.
    6. Love is the wife's only wages. Don't scrimp in your pay.

    Any reason not to agree?

  • There are no men like this anymore

  • @frencha little things play most important role I think.
    Dont judge before others its not just for your wife but for all people dont judge before others.

  • I did everything and what i got is get cheated why? This is all bullshit and nobody cares about men thats why men start cheating.you females made us cheat and do such things.

  • I treat my wife like a queen fulfilling her every wish and desire to the best of my ability loving and cherishing her with all of my heart mind body and soul.

    The only rules I have for her is I expect complete honesty in all things. Her love and heart belong to me and no one else. I do not expect her to spend a lifetime with me and not want to have sex with another. I do not expect her to go without as I want to see her as happy as possible so I asked her to not disrespect me to go and have fun do not lie to me if I ask and you leave her heart at home and enjoy herself practice safe sex and know where home is