I think I might be inlove with my dad

  • Ok long story short I met him for the first time when I was 17 aware of the fact that he was my father. He was so happy to see me (My mother had taken me away from him. He wasnt a deadbeat) She disowned me after a fight. I moved in with him and still live with him. I'm 19.
    Anyway he's so sweet and funny. He protects me with his life. He loves me no matter what and I can't get over it all. I think he's perfect and everything I want in a man. Somebody be helpful and not call me gross please.

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    It's not stupid or something.The thing is that u might be misunderstanding your feelings.Well,psychology says that every child is attracted to their mother/father(boys for mother n girls for father).So relax.But u shouldnt think this love stuff.it's just temporary.:relaxed:

  • @JamieAusten43
    You said you think you might be in love.
    That's a good thing. Because most probably your love will never be reciprocated.
    And even if it is, that would raise questions about your father's responsibility as a parent.
    I think you need to tell yourself to stop thinking that way and find a distraction.
    Better have the sweet man as a friend than risk losing him forever.
    That's what I think~ :)

  • honey its totally normal for you to be feeling positively about your father. it’s very easy to confuse warm feelings for attraction- take it from a repressed lesbian. it would help if you talked to a professional so they could help work you through this. you shouldn’t feel guilty or gross, but acting on what you think the feelings are can only result in trauma and negative consequences.

  • @darkice dude thats freuds really gross and politically charged pseudo-theory

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