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    Teachers be like : "The door being coloured blue represents sadness and dispair !"

    By it being a door, it shows the reader that sadness can be opened. Furthermore, what the author is trying to express is sadness can be stopped. You just have to open your mind (the door represents the mind) for new people and ideas.

    Therefore, the door’s blue color impacts the reader’s thinking on how sadness can be prevented !!

    Or -

    "Is the blue door open, or is it closed? If the blue door is closed, it represents shutting out feelings of despair and sadness. If the the blue door is open, it represents willingness to open up to the feelings of sadness and despair." 🤦 🤦


    Once I was learning about Shakespeare, and my teachers glorified him saying how he was a genius for swapping the subject, verb and object order in his work.

    But when I did it, I got an F !! 😠 😠

    sigh My dad saw my grade and without saying anything got inside & came back out & beat the shit out of me with a pair of Jumper Cables . 😢

    What are your experience with Teachers analyzing the Living shit out of Literature guys ?

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  • @Jumper-Cable-Guy your dad is a fucking asshole, you are not. Always know that. Shakespeare wrote much of his stuff in ale-stenched, smoke-filled taverns. I don't recommend you try copying him in that way right now lol. Who knows, in 400 years people could be raving about your works. Your dad will be centuries forgotten...

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