• in my mind there is nothing really called insanity and there is no one insane In fact, madness, like anything else, needs a cause or at least one reason. If there are no reasons, there will be no madness. I agree with you 100% that some people have exceeded the level of madness. I have read many articles about criminals and serial killers. But you did not notice something strange unite them, they usually have had a difficult childhood, whether poverty or loss of parents and some of them were still with their parents, but their parents were mistreating them by screaming and hurtful words or beatings.. or indirectly, if one of the parents, especially the mother dealt with Drugs and alcohol in pregnancy, this negatively affects The child not to mention drugs that take some mothers without medical advice and sometimes actually rarely you get an insane person by the effect of genes
    Believe me, all of these factors help to produce an individual does not differentiate right from wrong or does not understand what he wants.. then they start calling him "Crazy"
    after all they have been through they are called "crazy " in fact where is wrong in the being crazy in the end we are the reason and we are blamed for this I call people to take responsibility and treatment of these people instead of putting them in cages and electrocution them ...so now at the end what do you say
    is there insanity or it's just a result of motives?

  • @AllAboutGay i think you're right lol
    if everyone goes gay there will be no next generations and AIDS will be everywhere
    and humanity will very soon end this way the global warming and deforesting will stop and earth will be saved
    thank you for your helpful opinion !

  • @Sarah-A-R
    Wonderful post, by the way! I don't really have an answer for the question but do have an opinion regarding the people in these circumstances. Actions will always be judged. If the resulting action is traced back to anything remotely close to unstable mental health due to factors of improper upbringing involving many possible forms of abuse over long and crucial periods of a child's growth/development, and the prosecutors see that this takes precedence over the speculated intention of a crime itself; I do believe more action should be taken in this regard for people presently in correctional facilities suffering from mental conditions as well as to prevent future incidents of this nature.
    Mental health is one of more major issues affecting masses the world over. I believe more attention should be paid to this via more mental health facilities; as well as more accessible avenues and options in general for people to seek treatment by professionals. I also believe that if there are any concerns to the mental health of a person that no matter how small, it should be taken with utmost seriousness and priority. Many cases go untreated simply because people can be neglectful and underestimating mental conditions if there are signs of it. Friends and loved ones should be more assertive to get treatment if it is believed one needs it. That's just my opinion.

    EDIT: I meant this as preventative measures of crimes that could be committed as the result of failing mental health as opposed to neglecting the root of the problem at hand and just letting them overpopulate facilities of correctional systems. I just don't believe there is enough help and attention for this until it is too late.

  • @Sarah-A-R
    but some forms of insanity exist, don't they? like, if someone sees hallucinations, has delusional thoughts or hears voices in their head (like schizophrenics), surely you wouldn't call them sane?

  • @sarah_the_magpie
    no these are all mental issues can be treated by therapist ..no i would never call them sane because of they suffered and faced troubles were bigger than what they could hold that's why they need help not calling insane

  • I agree with this hypothesis 100%. I've often wondered: if you went to one of the nightmare snowflakes that're always farting on about 'The Mental Health Crisis' (Prince Harry, Prince William, Aleister Campbell, etc), and said, 'I am suicidal, but the reasons are because, 1) Bureaucracy, 2) Wages out of proportion with actual work done -- would they lift a finger to help? Would they F.

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