• Hello everyone! Just wanted to share some facts about breast cancer:

    • Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women. In 2018, approximately 15% of all cancer deaths among women.

    • Less than one percent of all breast cancer cases develop in men. Men carry a higher mortality than women do, primarily because awareness among men is less, which can cause a delay in seeking treatment.

    • Although developing cancer depends on many factors such as genetics and lifestyle elements, some risk factors might be:

    1. Consuming alcoholic drinks.
    2. Increased body fatness/adult weight gain.
    3. Early menarche (before the age of 12), late natural menopause (after the age of 55), not bearing children and first pregnancy over the age of 30. The reverse also reduce the risk of breast cancer.
    4. Hormone replacement therapy.
    5. Oral contraceptives containing both estrogen and progesterone.
    6. Ionising radiation exposure from medical treatment such as X-rays, particularly during puberty.
    7. Family history of breast cancer is associated with a higher risk of the disease: women with one first-degree relative with breast cancer have almost twice the risk of women without a family history; and women with more than one first-degree relative have about a three- to four-fold higher risk.
    • Screening for breast cancer consists of testing women/men to identify cancers before any symptoms appear. Various methods have been evaluated as breast cancer screening tools, including mammography, clinical breast exam and breast self-exam.

    • Mammography should be routinely done once a year in women over 40.

    • The breast self-exam can be done following easy steps by both women and men. Follow the video link to learn how to do it:

    The self-exam can save your life! Practice it once a month and if you find any irregularity consult your doctor ASAP. Thanks for reading, have a blissful day!

    More info:

  • @Cyber1 LOL, you´re crazy mi amor! Looking forward for it! ;) Enjoy the pizza, and remember to self exam! 1% of breast cancer occurs in men! Love you! :*

  • You bet babe, mwah!

  • @BeachGirl i feel you. A few months ago, i had some problems and i had several of the symptoms. Me and a few of my friends were crying and scared. But, i'm aight. My prayers go to those suffering with it and their families.

  • @Vanie must´ve been scary! Keep checking on yourself honey!

  • I will give you a free exam mi amor, come here.

  • Music Lovers

    well i am a doc and i keep suggesting people to self examine themselves. you are doing a good work here. i appriciate u are doin a good work i am seeing as many people are active in this site..

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