Elf is back lmao

  • Russian drunk, friend who was dear to me died, the fall of Elf and getting liver cancer, oh and being TWS Nemisis

    So yeah I suddenly stopped coming hear because I was rushed to the hospital because my cancer was baaaaaaad like reeeeal bad (I hate myself too)

    But seriously it was extremely painful I was in hospital for a few months and it seemed as tho I was gonna die, but only a few weeks later things were looking up finally, another few weeks and the doctor said I was completely fine but I can’t drink as much

    I have a different view on life now after this long a painful event.

    I’m grateful for being alive, and you should too especially if you don’t have to go through what I went through

    GG WP

  • @elf good game, well played.

  • What does cancer feel like

  • Chocolate lovers ;)

    @elf Welcome back !!!

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