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    So guys wassuppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!
    Finally I succeeded in posting a gif after all these freaking months !!!!! :joy:
    So , I am doing really good !!!!! What about you guys ???
    My half yearly examinations have finished and I have aced in all subjects except science and probably maths too , but science was the worst !
    I have given up on engineering coz I seriously hate science but I love english ! So I have decided to go for journalism ! Well well well , according to my two freaky best friends , my crush likes me back :joy: Sorry for bringing up my crush again but I really wanted to say something that I have said in many of my posts and this was it :joy:
    Now , I guess you guys would be thinking that why I have posted such a happy post coz I am rather popular for sad and frustrating posts on talkwithstranger but screw it :laughing: I am happy because half yearly examinations are over and now the event season has started !!!!!! Exhibition , olympiads , competitions , cultural programmes and even all the festivals are included in this event season ! I am so excited for the exhibition !!!!!!! The fun begins people !!!!!!!! Damn , I am so happy and excited because I have sorted things out with my friends and they are my friends again !!!!!!!
    I also want to say that public chat has become really boring , at this point in my life I really miss those offensive users like aman and spoofer ! At least they kept the chat alive and as a matter of fact , fighting or even arguing with them was a stress management and anger releasing therapy for me :joy:
    Ok , that's all for today and yeah , I miss ya people !!! I miss being on tws !!! SHOULD I COME BACK OR WHAT ???? :joy:
    ....sry if there r any typos....

  • Heey! I'm glad that everything is going well, Spoofer (now @LFGLMBICIWIM)
    left tws some time ago and Public Chat is dead almost ever but I hope you've come back to stay, people have missed you a lot.

    welcome home

  • @cutie-cat Well,

    1. Congrats on your crush liking you 😂😂 That’s a great feeling to have 😂

    2. We’re awesome but we miss you A LOT!

    3. Science is my worst subject too, so we’re on the same boat


  • So now you're back xD
    Anyways, congrats on ur crush liking u <3

  • @cutie-cat

          ###            Welcome Cat 

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  • @catwoman Yeah , I saw that public chat is like always dead 😭 thanks and I'll surely think about coming back 😊

  • @kat_15 Yeahhh , v r on the same boat , same pinch 😁 that's y we are best friends u know 😎 Crushes r complicated 😂

  • @giant-panda Thanks 😊😊😊

  • @darkice Not exactly back , but I'll definitely think about coming back 😁 Thanks 😂

  • Fix the bbq

  • @cutie-cat said in HAPPINESS IS BACK !!!!:

    @kat_15 Yeahhh , v r on the same boat , same pinch 😁


    that's y we are best friends u know

    Of course

    😎 Crushes r complicated 😂

    Couldn’t agree more 😂

  • @cutie-cat Hi Priyaaa!! How are you buddy?

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    @rendezvous Better than ever now 😁 Bit stressed but I have learned to ignore stupid stuff , that's y m happy 😁 How r u ????

  • @cutie-cat As being one of those offensive users, I have to congratulate you for finally being able to post not one, but two GIFs at once! Joking aside, I'm glad to hear that you managed to pass your exams and were able to slow down your life for a tiny bit. Also, if I may suggest something, pay attention to grammar, even if that is what we oldies 'n baldies spend our time with, don't settle for less and put effort, it gives you a scent of maturity and critical thinking, which truly makes a difference. Every comma, dot, exclamation point might change how people see you-I personally consider it a treasure because it can express that you either enjoy good quality content or pay attention to every detail.
    I find it quite funny how time changes things, the most hated users are being missed, now you can look back in time and see how the worst becomes less harmful after a while due to degradation. But worry not, there are plenty of assholes, I'm certain you will find a replacement, hopefully a genuinely one. After all, as someone said, the end is just a new beginning.
    Anyway, enough philosophy for now, someone has to enjoy the event season. I felt like I left without unveiling enough of myself and, since my days of pretending have come to an end, tell me, how could I disappear without leaving a real and authentic trace?
    That being said, I prefer not to end this by wishing you all a good future, but rather sparkle your minds with some words I tend to use every now and then because they are relevant to the "new era". Don't let yourself defined by others, because you always decide what your existence will be by the decisions you make.
    ,sdrager htiW


  • @cutie-cat lol:joy: would be very glad to have u here