• Happiness is switching off the bathroom lights just to annoy the person inside. ::joy:

    Sometime small things also make us more happy. So just enjoy the moment of life, natural environment and capture good things. In future same captured moment will bring smile over face. :relaxed:

    What really need in our life, money, power, reputation... :question:
    I believe we need just happiness.
    Doesn't matter whether we travel through cycle, auto, bike, car or flight to catch our destination. But more important how do we make ourselves happy in entire journey. And this depends on us and our positive thought.

    See i m happy to post my thought :relaxed: I hope after reading this, u will also feel the same happiness which i m currently feeling. :relaxed:

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  • Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy despite of all the heartaches :)

  • an emotion..
    no point in overthinking abt it!

  • @_ajay_ happiness is accepting yourself as you accept others around you. Happiness is knowing nobody is perfect, therefor accepting your flaws. Happiness is understanding others stories and not being judge mental about them. Happiness is being there for someon even if they arnt there for themselves. Happiness is accepting someone into your life even after they have hurt you because you believe that they are still the person they once was. happiness is not letting this world change your softness for others around you happiness is also staying focused on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. There’s a lot of things in life that cause happiness, but most people see happiness as a partner or as something such as a thing they don’t see that true happiness starts with you and you alone.

  • @_ajay_
    "Happiness is a warm gun" - Beatles (1968)

  • Banned

    happiness is the main reason  for unhappiness
    Accept  the life in the way it comes U will find happiness  in every movement😊