• ..why some people don''t want to grow by their ability and quality power.
    Suppose you deserve then will definitely get better output. But you must not force other to increase your reputation or whatever. If u have skill then apply and try to post that will touch other users heart, suppose your post touch user's heart then sure they will up-vote.

    But don't emotionally force other, suppose user really like your post or user believe you have posted good stuff then definitely up-votes your Post.

    But some human use their friends for their reputation, I believe this is totally unfair. In short Post quality stuff and earn votes, don't force other what should he or she do. Their life their choice, your life your choice.....
    Enjoy Post. Thank you for reading.

  • Draw Rangers Global Moderator SPORTS CLUB

    alt text


  • @_ajay_ I like your post ... you have the right idea for sure :)
    good for you

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