Why is it so hard to be our true selves?

  • I have my suspicions... Interested in others

  • I am a reptile .I live in my mom's basement.

    I am afraid if i come out I will see the sun & burn.

    Humans will science the shit out of me .

    So i stay under.I don't show my true self .

    I pretend to be human . I am outgrowing my old human skin.I need new human to skin. may have to go outside ..i don't know what outside is ..does it look like this game "Fallout" ?..wish me luck.

    Don't mourn me if i donot return..I have lived a good life .Good bye.

  • I most of the time am someone who doesn't care about what people think of the way I act and people call me indiferrent or deviant or weird but there are some times that I experience this, I feel like I couldn't act the way I want to. I feel like I have to make a front just so some people I like would accept me.
    So in my own opinion, and based on my friend's experiences, I believe there are a few reasons why it's so hard to be our true selves.

    1. We badly want people to love us. We want them to approve of what we are and how we act. We love affirmation.

    2. We are afraid that people will judge us if we act a certain way.

    3. Maybe our true selves isn't something everyone wpuld call normal.

  • @ellielee Reptile approves.Have an upvote.

  • @ellielee I agree. Sometimes I feel like I'm 90% myself... But that last 10% is bad, weird, or inappropriate. To an extent it is true. We have conditioned ourselves in society to have a level of "acceptable". Anything outside of that you have to justify. Even if it's not THAT bad.

  • @jacob55 Yes. Society wants us to act a certain way and if we don't and they don't approve, it automatically becomes bad even if it isn't really bad.

  • @stanger_danger if you are a reptiles in a "Fallout" setting... You'll fit right in.

  • @stanger_danger Thanks lol

  • Because there are some that cares what others view them, so they choose to be someone that person is interested in. Or it can be simply because of insecurities, it's a problem for me at times.

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