• What is happiness? Happiness is the moments shared together, laughed together or sacrificed for someone. In a broader context helping up people without considering the lose or gain you have faced. Happiness have paramount importance in our life. It isolates us from the tensions of past present and future and also keeps a man on the track of positivity but what is the key. Life in some context is explained as a journey through the vicious river of time. If you make a perfect balance between your responsibilities and things you like or emotionally attached with you may achieve happiness. Whereas at some other context it is said that it's like you have to walk through a beautiful castle with many wonders from the world but you are holding a spoon filled with oil. You don't have to let the oil spill and you have to enjoy watching them too. I hope you find this good

  • Dayuummm bro!! Damn straight!!!!!.....

  • @pebble Speechless. This is awesome. <3

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